The "Would You Rather" game

Alright guys (and gals)

I've seen a lot of posters who don't think Kelly or Trickett are the guys for the job anymore. While I can somewhat agree, I'm still interested in seeing how the season plays out and how the staff makes adjustments. My question is this...

Would you rather go 10-2, with a loss to Clemson, finish 3rd in the division, but still finish with a nice season...or go 8-4 with additional losses to combination of UNC, Miami, or UF? Point is, if we are 10-2, I don't think you'll see any major staff change. But 8-4 with a loss (or 2) to a Florida school would definitely cause something to be done. The first scenario is still a great season, but many Nole fans would see it as a failure with all this talent while finishing 3rd. The second would involve losing to a rival, while causing some coaches to negatively recruit us and say we're on our way down.

What are ya'lls thoughts?

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