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Florida State football, recruiting news: A missed block is not always the O-line’s fault

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Not to say that offensive line was very good vs Louisville (they weren’t) but the running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends blew more than their fair share of assignments including multiple outright whiffs.

A 30 for 30-like project is coming for the FSU Dynasty years.

In case you missed it here’s the third quarter of film review from the Louisville game: sometimes tough, always informative.

Here’s the best from the weekly Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show, as you can guess the mood was less than merry; and the best from the ACC teleconference.

Auden Tate looks to build on his emergence, notching 3 touchdowns on his 4 receptions.

ESPN’s Jared Shanker tries to answer the question of ‘What’s Wrong With Dalvin Cook?’

Here’s what to watch for this weekend in the ACC; including whether or not FSU can stop its problems with the zone read?

More than half of Louisville's 314 rushing yards against the Seminoles came on zone reads, and coach Jimbo Fisher said the undefeated Bulls run the same concepts as the Cardinals. South Florida is No. 7 in scoring offense and No. 11 in yards per carry; Florida State sits in 107th in scoring defense and 100th in defensive yards per carry. Several of the defense's issues stem from being misaligned and getting caught looking in the wrong places, so the Seminoles are working on those fundamentals this week

This might be surprising to some but not many but the Noles are on serious upset alert this weekend.

Clemson travels to Georgia Tech for a Thursday night ACC tilt; if you’re confident that FSU can run the table then the three way tie is its best shot at getting to what used to be the title game in Charlotte. Hard to imagine Louisville losing two more ACC games with the way they’re playing.

How much can FSU fix in one week of practice? The Nolecast attempts to answer that difficult question.

Other Sports:

Mike Martin previews Fall Baseball Practice.

No. 3 Women’s Soccer will host Wake Forest & second-ranked Virginia this weekend.


Sure miss this kind of box play from a DB: