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Florida State Seminoles Opponent Scouting Report: Tampa Bay Craft Beer Scene

This is the fourth installment highlighting the craft beer scene of Florida State's opponent. This segment will feature a brewery from the area and a beer from another brewery in the area, with a focus on best representing the craft beer scene of the Noles’ weekly opponent. We also try to include options that are readily available to those who may not be traveling to the games and want to pick something up from their local package store. This is the second time Tampa has been featured so we will try you avoid what we highlighted last season. Without further delay we present to you craft beer in Tampa Bay.

As a resident of Tampa I am fortunate enough to have seen the area explode over the last decade. There are a dozen breweries that have opened or are scheduled to open in 2016 alone. While Cigar City put Tampa on the map and continues to produce the best beer in town several others have stepped up their game. Hidden Springs Ale Works in downtown Tampa has accumulated quite a following in their first year. My favorites are Tropic Thunder (Berliner Weisse) and Nafarious (Double IPA) as well as the very popular Orange Crush (Hefenweizen).

Sticking with small and relatively new breweries in town the next stop is Angry Chair Brewing in Seminole Heights. Their selection of beers is sure to please any style you may be inclined to drink, the Ascension IPA is solid while their collection of sours are usually eclectic. The beer you hope is on tap while visiting is the award winning and highly rated German Chocolate Cupcake Stout.

The highlighted brewery of the week is Southern Brewing and Winemaking. Since 2002 Southern Brewing has open in some capacity but not until the past few years have they really ramped up their own collection of brews. This home brew shop usually boasts an excellent variety of beers from their Grilled Onion IPA to the Jean Claude Van Graham Porter. My favorite is the award winning Raised Bungalow, a Berliner Weisse often served with various treatments, my preference is the Prickly Pear. The venue is pet and kid friendly with a laid back vibe and usually a food truck to satisfy your appetite.

There is a lot of uncertainty going in the match up with USF as fans are expecting the worse...another embarrassing loss. So with that in mind lets make sure we are prepared for when that clock to hit double zeros in the forth quarter and a 2-2 record. No better way to cope than to be boozed up with a take on a Belgian Trippel.

Easy to find, Coppertail’s Unholy will get you right where you need to be at 9.5% ABV. To be honest it is not overly boozy and really smooth, put down a six pack and you will be ready to start a Go Fund Me page for the resurrection of the “Big 4” billboard. Not a fan of the stylel, Cigar City has their Imperial Pumpkin out right now with a 9.4% ABV or you can grab Green Bench’s Your Silent Captain, an imperial stout with a 10.5% punch.

Not in Tampa? Let us know what you will be drinking instead and remember its an early start, so pace yourselves.