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Tracking Dalvin Cook’s pursuit of FSU football history

What’s on deck, possible down the road, and unlikely.

NCAA Football: Florida State at South Florida
Dalvin Cook
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who visited the comments section following last week’s iteration of this article can tell you that it was hardly a celebration of a player who will likely go down as the best at his position in Seminole history. But what a difference a week can make— along with a 20-point win, as opposed to a 43-point loss. Oh, and a personal best in yardage never hurts, either.

And that’s exactly what the ‘Noles and star running back Dalvin Cook pulled off, as the latter looked like his former self and went for a career-high 267 rushing yards. And the Miami native’s monster afternoon against South Florida had a significant effect in moving him up in the FSU record books.

Let’s commence with single-game numbers. Cook’s 267 against USF is the second-highest rushing total ever at FSU, behind only Greg Allen’s 322 in 1981 against Western Carolina. Third place? Yeah, that would also be Cook, who had a 266-yard game last year-- also against the Bulls, who must fall asleep counting sheep only to be awoken by visions of Cook running away. Cook has three of the top six single-game rushing totals in Florida State history, a claim no other player can make.

As far as season-long marks go, Cook already sits atop the yardage record, with 1,691 last year. Thanks to Saturday’s numbers, Cook is now averaging 123.75 yards per game in 2016. So, to get to 1,691 from his current 495 yards, he’d need 9.66 more contests at his current clip. FSU has eight games left and, most likely, a bowl game, possibly more.

Cook finished one touchdown shy of Allen for the single-season rushing-TD record last year, which is 20. He’s got four through four games, which, of course, projects him to finish with as many scores as games FSU plays. Not a lot of hope here, baring a flurry.

But on to the big boys: the career records, those marks that really define a program’s history. Cook has 31 rushing TDs, having passed Devonta Freeman and Amp Lee, who have 30, on Saturday. That’s good enough to give Cook third place. Catching Allen’s 44 seems improbable. More likely may be catching Allen’s career mark of four games with 200+ rushing yards; Cook now has three.

As far as 100-yard rushing games go, Cook tied Travis Minor for third this weekend, as both backs now have 14. Warrick Dunn leads the way, with 22. Consistency is the key here— you can’t catch up in this category like you can with others.

Such as career yards, the all-time FSU record to which many are paying the most attention. Cook moved up that list against the Bulls, passing not only the 3,000-yard mark but also Larry Key to take over fourth, all-time, with 3,194 yards rushing. Next on the list is Minor, whose 3,218 appears poised to fall next weekend. Dunn’s mark of 3,959 tops the list. Cook is 765 yards away from that honor, and given his YPG in ‘16, he’ll need a little more than six games to get there given present projections, a massive swing from where we were at this time last week.

Of course, those projections change every week— but isn’t that part of the fun? Speaking of fun, Cook could have a lot of it next week when the North Carolina Tar Heels visit Tallahassee. Their rushing defense has looked abysmal thus far.