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The K-Man Crow’s Nest: Tampa Rebound

Unconquered...and unverified. You’re in the Nest.

Editor’s note: Abridged & delayed version of Crow’s Nest this week. K-Man is traveling to FBS places with FCS wifi access.

Jimbo constantly stresses “Play 4 quarters”. On Saturday, his defense decided to 1-up coach Fisher, opening with a 5th quarter of Louisville effort vs. South Florida.

He had one message to his team. ONE message:

First play from scrimmage:

Bomb. 84 Yards. 7 to nothing, Bad Guys.

The opponent is dancing. Not good.

FSU’s offense gets their first chance, following a stinker last week:

Cook to the left. 75 yards. Pay dirt.

Turn back the clock! It’s the Dalvin we love dearly.

Defense gets a mulligan. Let’s try again:

Bulls ram it down our throat. 9 plays, no resistance. 14-7 Them.

What we had here, is a failure to communicate.

Oh, we’re doing drives now? Dalvin’s turn:

4 plays, tie ball game.

3rd carry, 2nd touchdown.

Bulls Punt. Noles Touchdown: 21-14

Bulls Punt. Noles Touchdown: 28-14.

Halftime, boys: 38-14

Another INT for Flowers. Jacques Patrick’s turn:

45-14 Seminoles.


Granted, the Noles lost focus in the second half, so I’ll follow the lead.


Dalvin Cook continued #4 Devonta Freeman’s legacy of “preposterous unsportsmanlike penalty calls considering the relative behavior of opponent” with his 1st carry TD Chest Slash.

Dalvin loves The Predator(where do you think his hair inspiration comes from?).

And his tasteful homage cost FSU 15 yards.

Below the head & neck, so Dalvin was allowed to stay in the game.


On Deondre Francois’ designed run touchdown in 4th quarter, the QB was actually tackled inches shy of the end zone....

The BACK of the end zone. Non-reviewable.

You mock me. YOU. MOCK. ME.


D for Derwin.

As the Showtime “A Season With” reiterated on Tuesday night, Derwin James is the heart & soul of this defense. The undisputed vocal leader despite his injury. After staying home and watching his teammates fail in Louisville, #3 traveled to Tampa, crutches and all. Constantly providing encouragement to his gridiron brothers, it was great seeing Derwin back on the sidelines...

Fisher needs a lesson in asset management. You never park your Ferrari behind the adult softball league left field fence. COME ON, JIMBO!

Speaking of Showtime...let’s quickly address our favorite moments from Episode 4:

Does Dalvin Cook prefer day games or night games? Great question, since he lives inside a 1980’s high school photo lab.
It was rumored Charles Kelly simplified the defensive play calling following Louisville. According to this marker board...CONFIRMED.
Eberle: How do you think our team will respond this week, and can I have some of your chips?
Maguire: Why are you going off script?
Showtime director: CUT!

Opponent Preview: The University North Carolina

These dudes are in The Coastal, so no intel. The author doesn’t dabble in foreign affairs.

All I know is FSU found a running game.

So watch out, Tarheels. We’ll be Choppin’ & Lockin’ in your face all day.

-The K-Man