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Showtime's 'A Season With' is huge for Florida State recruiting

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Showtime's 'A Season With' is huge for Florida State recruiting

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Florida State Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night, Showtime’s ‘A Season With’ featuring Florida State premiered. Although the first episode’s focus was to showcase the journey of FSU football from fall camp through its first game of the season, the show did a lot more for Florida State — specifically, the school’s recruiting.

Highlighted mainly was head coach Jimbo Fisher’s intense, yet humane style of coaching. The coach is already perceived as one of the best in the country, and is a big reason most players commit to the school. Throughout the process of Sean Maguire’s injury, Fisher was always with the quarterback, involved and caring in every step. Fisher was also hands-on and encouraging, yet tough with the players during practices and scrimmages.

The show highlighted Florida State’s state-of-the-art facilities. Whether the indoor practice facility, the brand new players lounge or the large, grand team meeting room, the new allures of the FSU facilities were shown in full force. When the ‘Noles hosted Junior Day back in February of 2016, many of the attendees, including top-40 prospect Jerry Jeudy, noted that the facilities stood out to them, and they liked what they saw.

Another highlight on the show was the living arrangements of the student athletes. Deondre Francois’ bedroom was shown to cameras, and shows a very private place for athletes to rest, study the playbook, or just wind down after a long day of practice.

Player safety is a big issue that Florida State deeply cares about. Center Alec Eberle, who was originally thought to had a concussion, was seen being sent cautiously out of practice and then visiting a concussion specialty clinic to get a final diagnosis. The team went through all the necessary steps to get him cleared, safely. Quarterback Sean Maguire was also shown being taken care of, and getting compassion from the coaches and doctors while needing surgery.

Bud Elliott reacted to the show on Tomahawk Nation’s official Facebook Page. You can see what he said below.