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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show updates/takeaways: Charleston Southern Week

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Fisher talks comeback victory, Dalvin Cook, & Francois

Andrew Small

Off the heels of a very turbulent game on Labor Day, Jimbo Fisher was back with Gene Deckerhoff for the second Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show of the 2016 season.

Even amid a few technical difficulties at the beginning of the show, just like the Florida State offense, the show came back stronger after a break. The callers had many questions dealing with how the team was able to win in the biggest comeback in FSU football history.

The massive comeback

Many callers asked about the 22-point comeback and how it was achieved. Coach Fisher said it boiled down to the players. The players had the maturity to go out there and get that win themselves in the second half. They kept pressure on the ball and allowed a total of 70 yards in the second half. “Coaching is one thing, but those kids went in there and made those plays.” Fisher had high praise for linebacker Matthew Thomas and defensive end DeMarcus Walker for controlling the Rebel’s offense in the final 30 minutes.

Is Dalvin Cook alright?

Resident caller Bubba asked a question many had been thinking: did FSU running back Dalvin cook pull his hamstring again? Cook sat out almost two full games in 2015 with a hamstring issue. Coach Fisher assuaged concerns of the listeners, though, saying he is fine. Towards the end of the game, Cook was seen hopping to the sideline, but still had pressure applied to his foot. Fisher said he tweaked his ankle on a play and that he was fine after the game.

Leadership of Francois

Rick from Orlando asked the coach how proud he was of Francois for hanging in the pocket and getting “pounded like a flank steak.” Francois took a couple of big hits in the game, starting with the touchdown pass to Travis Rudolph at the end of the first half. Fisher said that it is “what playing quarterback is. When [the quarterback] takes those shots, that’s how [he] becomes a leader.” Fisher remains hopeful, however, that Francois does not have to take too many more shots like that over the rest of the 2016 season.

If you want a detailed recap of the show, check the comments section at the bottom of the page for a full rundown.