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Charleston Southern could be decimated by double-digit suspensions for game at FSU


NCAA Football: Charleston Southern at Alabama
CSU Head Coach Jamey Chadwell
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Update No. 3, Friday 9/9: Gene Sapakoff of The Charleston Post and Courie is now reporting that eight to 12 Charleston Southern players will be suspended for its game against FSU on Saturday.

Update No. 2, Friday 9/9: According to Scott Eisberg of WCIV in Charleston, South Carolina, the number of 30 players being suspended floating around is not accurate. However, there will still be many players suspended. Charleston Southern will still travel with a full squad with some key players out.

Update: We’re hearing reports that the Charleston Southern offensive line will be suspended for their game against the ‘Noles, in addition to the myriad other possible suspensions discussed below.

It’s already tough enough for an FCS program like Charleston Southern to compete with a national powerhouse like Florida State at full strength. But the Buccaneers could be without their first-string and second-string quarterbacks, their starting running back, and perhaps around 30 more players.

That is, if a recent Facebook post is to be believed-- and there’s little reason to doubt it, since it comes from a player on the Bucs’ roster. That player is Tallahassee native Ben Robinson, a running back who attended Lincoln High School.

If CSU players are indeed being given the choice of which game they’ll miss, it will be interesting to see how that plays out. On the one hand, many players will never get another opportunity to play in an environment like the one that’ll unfold in Tallahassee on Saturday. On the other hand, Charleston Southern doesn’t schedule games against FSU to win them. This is about a paycheck for the Bucs, and they get their money regardless of how many players may miss time. So perhaps sitting guys to get them back for conference play is the move. We’ll see.