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FSU vs. Charleston Southern: Staff predictions

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This one could get out of hand.

Florida State v Mississippi Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Just five days after Florida State overcame a 22-point deficit to defeat Ole Miss in the season opening game, the Seminoles return to action for their home opener from Charleston Southern, an FCS program projected among to be among the top in the division at the beginning of the season which runs the triple option. How does the Tomahawk Nation staff see this one playing out?


CSU is a good FCS squad. But they lost the their starting QB for the season in last week's game. Additionally, they lost their 2nd string QB and 1st string RB in the same game, with their head coach predicting they will not play vs FSU. That's smart as they have their whole season in front of them. Their triple option out of the shotgun doesn't bother me as they don't cut block to try to win the A-gaps. FSU’s front can handle this just fine, and the Seminoles have the speed at every dang position to catch their wide stuff. FSU 52-9. Maybe Dalvin Cook gets going, or at least Jacques Patrick will. UPDATE: Apparently, CSU will be suspended to the point of becoming Idaho Saturday, so... 99-0 FSU?


Short week, offense banged up, dozens of missing players for FCS opponent...where is Debrale Smiley when you need him?

Jacques Patrick rumbles for 135 yards, Maguire to Noonie for a pair of improbable TD's, while a new Champions Club elevator gets stuck for 90 minutes and President Thrasher soundly beats all the trapped occupants in a Thumb War.

Clean FSU Program - 69

Dirty Charleston Southern - 6

Josh Pick

I have no idea who will play...for either team, but it really doesn't matter. If I were Jimbo Fisher, I wouldn't start Dalvin Cook. Honestly, I'd rest anyone else who is questionable, as well, especially with Louisville on deck.

This game will probably be ugly, but it won't be close, as FSU will win handily. I just hope there are no major injuries.


I've heard that CSU has 2 quarterbacks out and their starting running back hurt. That feels like even more incentive for Florida State to not play anyone that is remotely hurt. I think FSU blows it out early and empties the bench. This could turn out to be the Jacques Patrick, Amir Rasul, Ryan Green, DaVante Phillips, Pigg Harrison game you tell your kids about. Maybe even a J.J. Cosentino sighting! And please, no cut blocking allowed. FSU 55, CSU, 12

Matt Minnick

Florida State starts sloppy coming off the short week and only lead 10-7 at the end of the first, but the defense jump starts things with a second quarter scoop and score. The ‘Noles explode for 28 points in about 12 minutes game time and then take the foot off the gas to get ready for a showdown with The Ville next week.

FSU - 45

Charleston Southern - 17

Michael Rogner

So kids who were too small and slow to play FBS football get to come get curb stomped by Florida State so that they can earn a big payday for their coaches and AD? Good system. ‘Noles by whatever score Jimbo decides upon.


Short week, triple option, and a big game on the horizon. Prepare for some sloppy play and lack of focus. FSU is far superior in terms of talent and CSU is dealing with key injuries on offense. Look for a slow start, but the talent will take over and the points will pile up. Starters get off their feet before the fourth.

FSU 52, Charleston Southern 13

Andrew Miller

Let's face it, it's an FCS school coming on the road to an elite FBS program. Charleston Southern would need to pull a 16 over a 1 seed in March Madness type of upset to defeat FSU. The 'Noles will come out strong, go up big at halftime, and get some second and third stringers some game action come the second half.

FSU- 48

Charleston Southern - 10

Curt Weiler

Despite the fact that this game comes just over four full days after the conclusion of Florida State’s first game, the Seminoles take advantage of an FCS team that is likely without its top two quarterbacks as well as its first-team running back to coast to a sizable halftime lead. Over the final 30 minutes, expect a heavy dose of Jacques Patrick, Sean Maguire, if he is available, and quite a number of the talented young wide receivers and offensive linemen.

FSU - 52

CSU- 10

David Visser

After driving back up from Orlando on Tuesday, I can't believe how quickly this week has flown by-- so I can't even imagine how it must feel for the FSU coaches and players. Combine that with an early start, against a good FCS team in Charleston Southern, between Ole Miss and Louisville, and I'm not ready to pick the ridiculous blowout that some may be expecting.

Furthermore, CSU will look to stay on schedule with their option attack, while shortening the game by working the clock, which will reduce possessions and scoring. Seminole fans may not be overly pleased with the score at halftime, but the 'Noles will pull away as the game wears on. The 'Noles win, get some inexperienced players some PT, and hope to remain relatively healthy for their trip to Kentucky.

Charleston Southern 13

Florida State 40