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Inside the box score: FSU 73, Louisville 68

The ‘Noles are now contending for a 1-seed in the NCAA Tournament

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports
  1. After losing the 3-point lottery when Notre Dame made 15-21 3s in FSU’s previous game, the ‘Noles greatly benefited from missed 3s in this game. In their previous four games the Cardinals made 31-71 3s (44%), but made just 15% vs Florida State, with their starters going 0-7. The Seminoles weren’t much better at 25%. This was a game between two long, athletic teams that was settled inside the arc.
  2. Florida State is now 6-1 in the ACC, and tied with Notre Dame and North Carolina. Eleven of the twelve remaining teams have at least three conference losses, with Virginia (5-2) the only exception. On Tuesday, Virginia travels to Notre Dame in a game that could either shake things up, or cement the current top three.
  3. If you are one of those fans that like to point to some random stat and say, “this is why we won!” (or lost), then look to turnovers. Against Louisville’s confusing defense, the ‘Noles turned it over on just 9.7% of their possessions. Louisville has played 20 games this year, and this is the first time a team has turned it over on fewer than 17% of their possessions.
  4. Florida State’s bench has been incredible all season, but this was a game for the starters. The ‘Noles bench had just 11 points and nine rebounds. They also committed four of the seven turnovers. Jarquez Smith and Christ Koumadje did make nice contributions.
  5. FSU won 73-68 in a 72 possession game. FSU was the 5th team this year to score more than a point per possession vs the Cardinals. FSU’s defense was just the 4th team this season to hold the Cardinals below a point per possession. Florida State’s balanced attack currently has the nation’s 23rd most efficient offense, and the 23rd most efficient defense.