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FSU basketball contributes to chaotic week for ranked teams

Glass half full: you can’t lose as a ranked team if you ain’t ranked!

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

As FSU fans can attest, this wasn’t a great week to be ranked in the college basketball AP Poll. The basketball week runs Monday - Sunday, with new polls coming out each Monday.

There’s no telling where Florida State will be ranked this week.

Here’s what happened:

  • FSU lost twice (heyyyy!)
  • There were 17 losses by ranked teams, with three teams - Kentucky, FSU, and Notre Dame - losing twice.
  • I used to think that difficulty winning true road games was kind of a thing in college basketball. But luckily, several posters here at TN informed me this week that it’s actually not a thing, it’s just a Florida State thing (thanks!! - it’s always great to learn more about the sport I love!). So I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that in the 17 losses, the road team was 5-12 (29%). What’s the overall road team winning percentage in ACC play you don’t ask? It’s 32%. Total coincidence!
  • Most of the losses were of the kind that don’t really do too much damage to a team’s resume: road losses against teams on the bubble or projected to make the Tourney, or home losses to elite teams. But....
  • ....there were some clunkers. No. 20 Purdue lost at a 9-11 Nebraska team which entered the game having lost five straight. No. 17 Duke lost at home to an NC State team which had been 2-5 in the ACC. No. 4 Kentucky lost at 10-9 Tennessee. No. 16 Creighton lost by 20 to Georgetown, who had been 1-6 in the Big East, and then No. 11 Butler one-upped Creighton by allowing Georgetown to snap Butler’s 17-game home winning streak. No. 10 Oregon lost at Colorado, giving the Buffaloes their 2nd Pac 12 win.

It will interesting to see what the voters make of all this, and where FSU gets slotted. Any predictions?

And what are neutral observers saying about Florida State after these two losses? Calling for a new coach? Expounding a powerful argument as to why FSU is headed for the NIT? Melting down over FSU’s regression?