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Gameday Central: Florida State at Duke

Florida State is on the road to play the Blue Devils. The good news is that ‘Noles only win is on the road? Join us to watch and discuss the game.

Cam Akers
Florida State’s Cam Akers had a great game against the Miami Hurricanes
Tomahawk Nation

Gameday Central

Florida State at Duke 12:00 PM ET

Watch: ESPN 2/WatchESPN

Listen: ‘Nole Radio Network, Blue Devil Radio Network

Weather: Decent weather, but warmer than you would expect. Temperature around 70 at kick, warming to 78 before the game is over. Clear skies, winds N at 4 mph.

The Spread: Florida State opened as an 8 point favorite. The ‘Noles are now favored by 7 to 7.5. Basically, we are looking at Wake Forest! Part Deux. See the rest of Saturday’s spreads here.

Game Coverage: FSU at Duke Nolecast, Staff Predictions, Opponent Q&A, Injury Report, Post-Cook Running Game

Welp, FSU is 1-3 for the first time since an average Friday night out was spent skating in circles listening to the Bee Gees. Awesome. Goals all but technically and actually eliminated: National Championship, ACC Championship, State Championship, beating all rivals. At this point, FSU is playing for bowl eligibility and pride. Also, it would be nice to see young players get lots of reps and game time in the hope this team can be nationally relevant next year.

Florida State at Duke Game Thread

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Other Games

If you haven’t had your fill of football after the FSU game, should probably see how the rest of the country is doing. At least the Gators are bad on AND off the field. If the ‘Noles make a bowl game (well that’s no guarantee, is it) who will they match up against? Oh, ESPN is picking Tennessee? That would be the perfect womp womp exclamation point for 2017. Use this thread to watch and discuss.

Not a single ranked vs ranked game today. So hey, root for a bunch of upsets because EVERYONE SHOULD SUFFER. Dear the entire top 25, lose please (except Navy, you guys are cool) (2:00 AM EDIT: Thank you for getting everything started right, Clemson and Washington State). Go here for all your watchability sorting.

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Late Afternoon Games/Early Night Games (That’s a lot of bad)

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