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FSU football film review: Defense vs. Duke

Florida State v Duke Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Welcome back to our weekly film review sessions of Florida State’s 2017 season. Every play broken down, with video and analysis.

As always, this content is best viewed on a computer or tablet, not on a phone.

For the most part, FSU’s defense was able to play up to its talent level and handle Duke’s offense.

Coming into the game, we knew that Daniel Jones had the arm to stretch the field, but his receivers weren’t giving him any help. That turned out to be an accurate prediction, as Jones made some good throws in this game, but his receivers and offensive line often time were unable to play with Florida State’s athletes.

As you’ll see below, most of Jones’ yards through the air came on a 57-yard pass on a busted coverage and in Duke’s final drive with FSU playing mostly prevent defense.

Still, Duke was able to take advantage in certain situations. The aforementioned busted coverage, as well as some other plays, highlighted the lack of situational awareness by this defense at times.

One quick note, but Josh Sweat seems to have finally turned the switch as a pass rusher. Whether it’s because he’s finally healthy from his knee injury or another reason, he had some beautiful pass rush reps in this game. Duke’s offensive line is not the greatest, but Sweat put on a show for NFL scouts in this game.

FSU Defense vs. Duke

Play Down Distance Spot Personnel Analysis
Play Down Distance Spot Personnel Analysis
DUKE drive start at 08:31. 1 10 DU25
Wilson, S rush for 5 yards to the DU30 (Sweat, J). 1 10 DU25 3-4 Duke aligns a tight trips bunch to the field and inserts the H-back through the B gap bubble to iso the LB. Nice scripted play to start the drive as this creates an extra gap inside. Sweat is able to get extension on the drive block from the right tackle and then disengage and make the tackle after the back picks up a few yards through the hole.
Jones, D pass incomplete to Wilson, S. 2 5 DU30 3-4 Duke motions from 2 back gun to a 3x1 formation and then runs a screen to the trips. FSU is blitzing Thomas off the edge from the field. Hoskins shows good awareness and takes a good angle to the reciever to force the receiver off his pass before the ball arrives and he's unable to bring it in.
Jones, D pass complete to Young, A for 9 yards to the DU39, 1ST DOWN DU (James, D). 3 5 DU30 3-1-7 FSU puts 7 defenders on the line of scrimmage and then ends up rishing 4 and dropping into a single high match zone coverage. It's an odd rush strategy as Samuels and Thomas come from the field edge with Sweat and Nnadi rushing wide from the boundary. There is no middle rush and Burns is dropped into coverage. Curiously, McFadden is aligned 10 yards off the receiver to the top despite it being 3rd and 5. The Duke QB catches the snap and delivers a quick throw in rhythym on a hitch to the receiver at the first down marker. McFadden is too far off the stand a chance and then he whiffs on the tackle after he breaks on the ball. Fortunately, James is running inside out and finished the play but not after an easy 3rd down conversion for Duke.
Jones, D pass complete to Rahming, T.J. for loss of 4 yards to the DU35 (Sweat, J). 1 10 DU39 3-4 Jet Sweep to the field. Josh Sweat is playing a 5 tech to the field and makes a great play. Gets a nice jump on the snap, blows up the reach block of the tackle and sheds to bring down the ball carrier for a big loss.
Jones, D pass complete to Bracey, S for 7 yards to the DU42 (Westbrook, A). 2 14 DU35 3-4 Tight trips bunch again from Duke and they run a Curl-Flat concept vs. cover 3 from FSU. Hoskins is a little slow to match the curl route in his zone drop but he and Westbrook do a nice job of breaking on the ball and minimizing the gain to get to 3rd down.
Jones, D pass complete to Bracey, S for no gain to the DU42 (James, D). 3 7 DU42 4-1-6 Duke runs a Mesh concept where they use the #3 receiver to pick McFadden on a crossing route.. This is the same play Wake hit on FSU 2 weeks ago. It's a legal pick becuase the ball is caught behind the line of scrimmage. FSU is prepared to cover this though as they are in a Cover 1 Robber coverage. Derwin has rolled down to help with any crossing routes and he reads the QB and drives on the route. He shows great acceleration and finishes the play with authority.
Parker, A punt 45 yards to the FS13, fair catch by McFadden, T. 4 7 DU42
Drive Summary: 6 Plays, 17 yards, 2:44 used.
DUKE drive start at 14:54. 1 10 DU15
Wilson, S rush for 7 yards to the DU22 (Burns, B). 1 10 DU15 3-4 Tight trips bunch again from Duke but this time they toss to the RB and pin-n-pull with the right tackle to try and get favorable angles to the outside. Sweat occupies two defenders and this lets Jackson run free to the ball. He takes a bad angle though and the ball carrier easily cuts back on him; he needs to make that play. Good hustle by Christmas and Burns to track it down from the backside.
Wilson, S rush for 4 yards to the DU26, 1ST DOWN DU (Nnadi, D). 2 3 DU22 3-4 Twins closed wing-over formation from Duke. This is the other formation they will use throughout the game vs. FSU to find some success running the football. It's a great formation to isolate Burns and McFadden on the nub of the formation and force them to be disciplined and phyiscal vs. the run. FSU in a 40 front and Duke runs Zone Read to the nub. It's also the side to which FSU's backup linebacker, Adonis Thomas, is playing. The TE and wing block down on Christmas to the backer and Burns does not squeeze their blocks so there is a big lane. The Duke RB hesistates before hitting the hole or this could of went for much more.
Wilson, S rush for 2 yards to the DU28 (Thomas, A;Thomas, M). 1 10 DU26 3-4 Tight trips bunch, HB draw. 40 front again from FSU. This is a good front to allow to DL to occupy blockers and keep the LBs clean. DJack does a great job triggering to take on the block to spill the ball where Adonis has scraped over the top to be in position to tackel the ball carrier.
Jones, D pass complete to Rahming, T.J. for 7 yards to the DU35 (Burns, B;Thomas, A). 2 8 DU28 3-4 Duke puts trips to the boundary and runs a wide receiver screen. Duke has good numbers but McFadden could help by being more physical vs the block of the receiver to the outside. He doesn't get a good punch on the block and can't disengage. Derwin is a bit slow with his eyes here and doesn't run the alley as quick as you'd like from him.
Wilson, S rush for 15 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN DU, out-of-bounds. 3 1 DU35 3-4 Tight trips bunch from Duke and they come back to the HB draw. Curious call from FSU here on 3rd and 1. They line up in a 40 front, blitz Thomas from the field and drop Burns into coverage to the boundary. They also slant to the boundary so Christmas ends up outside the tackle with no one in the B gap. This makes me think Adonis might have missed the call because he's the only defender to that side who could get there. Nevertheless, the back hits the gap and Burns hesistates to fill from his coverage drop. That slight hesistation allows the back to press outside and beat him with speed aeround the edge.
Wilson, S rush for 4 yards to the FS46 (Sweat, J). 1 10 DU50 3-4 Duke comes back to the twins closed wing-over look and runs the zone read. Burns again does not get a good squeeze on the down block from the backside and there's a cutback lane. Duke likes this matchup and it is time for FSU to adjust. They need to get Burns squeezing hard to close the space or they need to use a secondary player in support.
PENALTY FS offside (Sweat, J) 5 yards to the FS41. 2 6 FS46
Wilson, S rush for 6 yards to the FS35, 1ST DOWN DU (McFadden, T). 2 1 FS41 3-4 Same play from Duke and again FSU cannot defend it. It looks like FSU could be asking Burns to leverage the block from the outside this time with McFadden responsible for coming inside to fill the gap. If that is the case, he is not aggrresive enough in filling. Adonis Thomas is also very sloppy with his footwork, crossing his feet and allowing himself to get washed too easily out of the play.
Brown, B rush for 2 yards to the FS33 (Westbrook, A). 1 10 FS35 3-4 Tight trips bunch and Duke tosses outside again with pin-n-pull blocking up front. Sweat and Matt Thomas make this play. Both are able to take on two blockers each and let other defenders run free. Jackson initially overruns this but is able to correct and leverage the ball from the outside with Westbrook running inside out to corral the ball carrier.
Jones, D pass incomplete (Christmas, D). 2 8 FS33 4-2-5 FSU plays a quarters coverage to empty. Both of Duke's slot receivers are able to get open underneath vs. the FSU LB's but Christmas gets his hands up to deflect the pass at the line.
Jones, D rush for 4 yards to the FS29 (Kaindoh, J). 3 8 FS33 4-1-6 Duke motions to trips from a 2 back look and FSU appears a bit confused in the secondary. Duke runs a draw and Kaindoh does a great job here. He holds his ground vs. the inital double team and keeps his eyes up to see the QB take off before disengaging and making the stop before the chains.
Jones, D pass complete to Koppenhaver, D for 4 yards to the FS25, 1ST DOWN DU (Andrews, N). 4 4 FS29 4-1-6 FSU rushes 6 and plays Cover 0 behind it. Thomas is able to rush free and get a hit on Jones as he releases the ball. Andrews is in man coverage on the TE and the TE wins on an out route at the first down line. Andrews is actually in good position here so he contests the catch but it's really just perfect exceution on the throw and catch by Duke. FSU did nothing to disguise the coverage here on a crucial down so Jones knew exactly where he was going with the ball pre-snap.
Wilson, S rush for no gain to the FS25 (Nnadi, D;Rice, E). 1 10 FS25 3-4 Tight trips bunch from Duke and they run the H-back Iso as they did to start the game. The have a big hole in the left B gap again but the Duke RB does not hit it. He cuts to his right where Nnadi has gotten penetration between the center and guard and Rice does a nice job filling and using his hands to beat the block fo an offnsive lineman.
Jones, D pass incomplete to Young, A, dropped pass. 2 10 FS25 3-4 Same formation from Duke and they come back to the Curl-Flat concept that they also ran earlier. Again the backer to that side(Jackson) does not get width in his pass drop and the curl is very open. Luckily for FSU the Duke receiver drops the ball.
Jones, D pass complete to Wilson, S for 6 yards to the FS19 (Andrews, N). 3 10 FS25 4-1-6 FSU in Cover 1 Robber with Derwin rolling down to rob. Duke has put the TE as a single receiver to the boundary where Andrews is matched on him. At the snap, the detached TE crashes down and picks Thomas who has man on the RB on a swing route. Really nice play design vs. obvious man coverage from FSU. Andrews is late to see his man cracking but comes off in just enough time to get to the RB and force him out of bounds short of the chains.
Parker, A field goal attempt from 37 GOOD, clock 08:40. 4 4 FS19
Drive Summary: 15 Plays, 66 yards, 6:14 used.
DUKE drive start at 06:01. 1 10 DU15
Brown, B rush for 19 yards to the DU34, 1ST DOWN DU (Kaindoh, J). 1 10 DU15 3-4 Backs to the Twins closed wing-over formation the Duke has found success with throughout the first half. Duke runs a lead draw and inserts the wing into the B gap to the closed side with FSU in an Under front. Wilkerson is the 5 tech and gets too far upfield and not enough squeeze on the out block by the right tackle. It's really important that he gets a squeeze here to close the space of the extra gap created by the insert of the H-back. FSU has again decided to use McFadden as secondary run support and he is again slow to get his read and pull the trigger. He, James and Thomas all have chances to bring down the ball carrier but can't do it as he picks up 13+ yards after contact.
Brown, B rush for 7 yards to the DU41 (James, D). 1 10 DU34 3-4 Duke is quick back to the line to run the same play. They know they have an advantage with numbers and alignment with how FSU is defending this play so they are smart to go fast and run it again. FSU does not get lined up completely. This time, Wilkerson is in a 4i so the tackle washes him down. Rice should scrape outside and take on the H-back insert with his outside pad but he steps inside and it late to recover. FSU is still a man short to get every gap covered. Need to use McFadden or Derwin in the scheme to fill. Derwin comes down from the safety spot in a delay to make the stop after solid gain for Duke on the ground.
Brown, B rush for 8 yards to the DU49, 1ST DOWN DU (James, D;Rice, E). 2 3 DU41 3-4 Same formation but this time Duke runs the Zone Reasd to the nub of the formation. Kaindoh is lined up over the wing this time. I'm not sure what he is doing or his responsibility on this play. He takes a step backards at the snap and the wing steps inside and seals him so there is a huge lane for the RB. FSU still does not have a defensive back supporting the run to this side so they are also outnumbered.
Jones, D rush for 3 yards to the FS48 (Jones, F). 1 10 DU49 4-2-5 Duke goes empty and runs a QB draw. Nice discipline by Fred Jones here to keep his eyes up on the pass rush and be able to disengage the blocker to bring down the QB.
Jones, D pass incomplete to Wilson, S. 2 7 FS48 3-4 Tight trips bunch from Duke and the run the three receivers to the bunch on vertical patterns while swinging the RB out into the flat. FSU in a single high coverage and apppears to have everyone covered down field as Jones checks it down. Thomas comes on delayed blitz and Jones puts the throw in the dirt. Rice was in a good position to defend this even if it was caught.
QB hurry by Thomas, M. 3 7 FS48
Jones, D pass complete to Koppenhaver, D for 12 yards to the FS36, 1ST DOWN DU. 3 7 FS48 4-1-6 FSU rushes 4 and plays a spot drop Cover 3. The front 4 is not able to generate pressure as Jones steps up and finds a receiver over the middle behind Derwin James. FSU's coverage defenders are dropping to designated spots here rather than matching routes in the zone and as a result, if you are unable to get pressure than the QB has a chance to find a hole in the zone. Good execution by Duke here.
Wilson, S pass intercepted by Rice, E at the FS14, Rice, E return 0 yards to the FS14, out-of-bounds (Helm, D). 1 10 FS36 3-4 Tight trips bunch and this time Duke tosses to the RB for a HB pass. The receiver is open initially but the RB delays in getting rid of the ball and then throws it high and short, allowing the FSU defense to recover. From there it's actually a really nice play by Westbrook who is trailing and plays through the hands as the ball arrives. Rice is running hard to the ball and is rewarded as it's popped up and into his hands.
Drive Summary: 7 Plays, 49 yards, 2:33 used.
DUKE drive start at 00:21. 1 10 DU20
TEAM rush for loss of 2 yards to the DU18. 1 10 DU20 4-2-5 Kneel Down
End of half, clock 00:00. 2 12 DU18
Drive Summary: 1 Plays, -2 yards, 0:21 used.
DUKE drive start at 15:00. 1 10 DU25
Wilson, S rush for 1 yard to the DU26 (Thomas, A). 1 10 DU25 3-4 FSU playing 3-4 with a TE and FB in the game. Nnadi occupies the OG and C while Thomas fills to make the tackle.
Wilson, S rush for 5 yards to the DU31 (Christmas, D). 2 9 DU26 3-4 This is a great read by the RB to bounce this run to the outside with FSU's DL pushing back in the interior. Credit to him for picking up something where there was nothing.
Jones, D pass complete to Wilson, S for 7 yards to the DU38, 1ST DOWN DU (Meyers, K). 3 4 DU31 4-2-5 Pick play. Westbrook inches up to the line of scrimmage. WR runs an in-breaking route and might be blocking before the ball is thrown, essentially taking out both Andrews and Westbrook on the play. Good read and reaction by Meyers to push the RB out of bounds before a bigger gain.
Jones, D pass complete to Koppenhaver, D for 4 yards to the DU42 (James, D). 1 10 DU38 3-4 Duke runs a bunch formation. It appears that Jones' first read is the TE in the flat, but Thomas has him covered. He comes back across the middle and finds his receiver for a short gain because James makes the tackle.
Harris, Q rush for 1 yard to the DU43 (Christmas, D). 2 6 DU42 3-4 Duke runs the wildcat with the backup QB and goes five wide. The QB fakes the outside screen and takes off, but runs right into the defensive line. Weird playcall with Jones throwing well.
Jones, D pass complete to Rahming, T.J. for 1 yard to the DU44 (Westbrook, A). 3 5 DU43 4-1-6 FSU brings five rushers with Burns dropping back into coverage. The WRs on the near side come in motion so Westbrook and Taylor switch man responsibilities. Great tackle by Westbrook. Jimbo said that Westbrook graded out highly in this game.
Parker, A punt 51 yards to the FS5, downed. 4 4 DU44
Drive Summary: 6 Plays, 19 yards, 3:26 used.
DUKE drive start at 04:54. 1 10 DU25
Brown, B rush for loss of 2 yards to the DU23 (Thomas, A;Christmas, D). 1 10 DU25 3-4 Toss sweep with the LT as the lead blocker. TE and WR on that side cut back in to get blocks. Adonis Thomas does a nice job of naviagting through traffic to make the stop.
PENALTY DU substitution infraction 5 yards to the DU18. 2 12 DU23
Jones, D pass incomplete (Burns, B). 2 17 DU18 4-2-5 Jones wants the receiver on the quick out route, but Burns was there to knock downt he pass. McFadden is in a good position to make a play on the ball if Burns doesn't knock it down.
Jones, D pass complete to Rahming, T.J. for 57 yards to the FS25, 1ST DOWN DU. 3 17 DU18 4-1-6 FSU playing Tampa-2. FSU plays good coverage initially, but the defenders react to Jones rolling out of the pocket. Meyers and Westbrook both react and have their eyes in the backfield. You have four FSU defenders rushing to cover the same space, but no one sees the WR running deep. Duke WR sees his QB scrambling and does a good job of finding space deep downfield. Jimbo also metioned that the bigger issue with this play was freshman Kaindoh losing contain on the play up front.
Harris, Q rush for 2 yards to the FS23 (Thomas, M). 1 10 FS25 3-4 Wildcat again. Great read and reaction by M. Thomas to make the stop here.
Jones, D pass complete to Rahming, T.J. for 10 yards to the FS13, 1ST DOWN DU, out-of-bounds (McFadden, T). 2 8 FS23 3-4 Throwback pass off the rollout. Duke gets FSU's entire defense flowing one way, but comes back to throw the other. LT gets out into space to make the block on McFadden. Really cool play call.
Jones, D pass complete to Brown, B for 4 yards to the FS9 (Thomas, A). 1 10 FS13 3-4 Screen to the outside. LT allows Burns a free release, but gets into space to make a block on Thomas. Nifty play call. Duke's LT is a backup, so he's not someone you'd trust in straight pass blocking. But get him into space and he can make a block on a smaller defender. Duke doing a good job of playing to its strengths.
Brown, B rush for 9 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN DU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 02:12. 2 6 FS09 3-4 FSU brings six rushers on the halfback delay. Jones fakes the pass and FSU has no bodies in the middle of the field. Jimbo said in his coaching show that the LB has to squeeze this back and make a play on it.
Parker, A kick attempt good. 1 0 FS03
FSU 10, DUKE 10
Drive Summary: 7 Plays, 75 yards, 2:42 used.
DUKE drive start at 00:09. 1 10 DU47
Wilson, S rush for 3 yards to the 50 yardline (Thomas, M). 1 10 DU47 3-4 One of the few times we see McFadden and Taylor on the same side of the field in man coverage. Inside run, but the RB tries to bounce it to the outside. Thomas is waiting and makes the tackle.
Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00. 2 7 DU50
Wilson, S rush for 3 yards to the FS47 (Westbrook, A). 2 7 DU50 3-4 Another inside run. RB has a hole initially, but Christmas closes it. Bounces around in the backfield before picking up a short gain. Good defense.
Harris, Q pass incomplete to Wilson, S. 3 4 FS47 4-1-6 Bring in the backup QB on third down? Okay, I guess. Pick play, with the WR running an inside route but he blocks no one. Meyers and Westbrook have good coverage on the TE (intended target), but Andrews knocks down the pass.
Parker, A punt 39 yards to the FS8, fair catch by McFadden, T. 4 4 FS47
Drive Summary: 3 Plays, 6 yards, 0:58 used.
DUKE drive start at 08:18. 1 10 DU09
Jones, D pass complete to Helm, D for 14 yards to the DU23, 1ST DOWN DU (Westbrook, A). 1 10 DU09 4-2-5 Zone coverage, Jimbo said that Thomas needs to be all over the throw to make it a tighter window.
Jones, D pass incomplete to Young, A. 1 10 DU23 4-2-5 Play action. FSU looks to be in Cover-3. Jones wants the WR on the deep post, but Samuels is all over him and the throw is off-target.
Wilson, S rush for 11 yards to the DU34, 1ST DOWN DU, out-of-bounds. 2 10 DU23 3-4 Some confusion pre-snap. Westbrook is in the deep middle of the field, but seems to notice the gaping hole off of the right side. Lo' and behold, Duke runs right at that massive hole and picks up a first down. McFadden and Westbrook are not in the right positions to make the tackle.
Jones, D pass complete to Wilson, S for loss of 5 yards to the DU29 (Thomas, M). 1 10 DU34 3-4 FSU looks to be in Cover-3. Good coverage downfield forces Jones to move on the RB in the flat, but Thomas smartly sees this and makes tackle for loss. Thomas appears to be grabbing at his abdomen after this play, so perhaps he injured something. Worth noting.
Jones, D pass complete to Rahming, T.J. for 10 yards to the DU39. 2 15 DU29 4-2-5 Quick inside route by the receiver. Jimbo said that Thomas can't let the receiver get inside like that, but he did a good job to get him down.
Timeout Florida State, clock 06:17. 3 5 DU39 4-1-6 FSU has defenders running onto the field at the snap so they have to call a timeout. Hard to substitue a third-down package when Duke is running up-tempo. If only FSU could do the same...
Jones, D pass incomplete to Rahming, T.J., QB hurry by Sweat, J. 3 5 DU39 4-1-6 More use of the pick plays with FSU in man coverage. Meyers is forced to go around Andrews and his man, which leaves his receiver time to get open. Luckily, Sweat bends the edge and makes a hit to disrupt this pass.
Parker, A punt 51 yards to the FS10, McFadden, T return 2 yards to the FS12 (Feamster, B;Quansah, K), PENALTY FS holding 6 yards to the FS6, 1st and 10, FS ball on FS6. 4 5 DU39
Drive Summary: 6 Plays, 30 yards, 2:16 used.
DUKE drive start at 03:49. 1 10 DU19
Jones, D pass incomplete (Christmas, D). 1 10 DU19 4-1-6 Looks like Jones want the receiver to the near side, but this is a great job by a four-man rush to collapse the pocket and get a hand on the ball.
Jones, D pass incomplete to Rahming, T.J., QB hurry by Burns, B. 2 10 DU19 4-1-6 Man coverage across the board. Burns uses a beautiful inside move on the backup LT and gets a hit on the QB. Great pass rush from the sophmore. Backup LT can't handle him one-on-one.
Jones, D pass incomplete to Rahming, T.J.. 3 10 DU19 4-1-6 Rollout pass. Good coverage by Meyers on the slot receiver. Jimbo mentioned that Thomas had good contain on this play. He did a geat job of not rushing too aggressive, but putting enough pressure to force Jones into a bad pass.
Parker, A punt 45 yards to the FS36, downed. 4 10 DU19
Drive Summary: 3 Plays, 0 yards, 0:25 used.
DUKE drive start at 01:32. 1 10 DU15
Jones, D pass complete to Wilson, S for 8 yards to the DU23, out-of-bounds (Thomas, M). 1 10 DU15 4-1-6 Burns drops back into coverage. Vertical routes by the receivers, so Jones dumps it off to the RB out of the backfield. Meyers and Taylor miss tackles here.
Jones, D pass complete to Rahming, T.J. for 13 yards to the DU36, 1ST DOWN DU (Westbrook, A). 2 2 DU23 4-1-6 Three-man rush fails to get pressure so Jones has all the time in the world. Jones hits the receiver on an in-breaking route. It seems like Thomas may have left his zone here, which opened up the passing lane.
Jones, D sacked for loss of 6 yards to the DU30 (Sweat, J). 1 10 DU36 4-1-6 Excellent pass rush by Sweat. Gets low and bends the edge. This is what you like to see from a guy labeled as the No. 1 recruit in the country at one point. Duke's RT stood no chance.
Jones, D pass complete to Taylor, C for 21 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN DU (James, D). 2 16 DU30 4-1-6 FSU doesn't get enough pressure, mostly because Duke double-teams Sweat and gets a TE to chip Burns. This is a 'tip your cap' moment, as Jones makes a great throw into a tight window. Can't ask for better coverage on this play.
Jones, D pass complete to Rahming, T.J. for 17 yards to the FS32, 1ST DOWN DU, out-of-bounds. 1 10 FS49 4-1-6 Burns bends around the edge to get a hit on Jones, but the QB gets the pass away. McFadden has man coverage on the receiver, but the opponent just makes a better play on the ball than McFadden for a first down.
Jones, D pass complete to Lloyd, J for 2 yards to the FS30 (Meyers, K). 1 10 FS32 4-1-6 Man coverage again. Good read and reaction by Meyers to limit this play and keep it in bounds so the clock keeps running.
Jones, D pass incomplete to Taylor, C, dropped pass. 2 8 FS30 4-1-6 Burns is double-teamed. Taylor gives quite a big cushion to the receiver, which makes for an easy pitch and catch. To his credit, Taylor recovers to make a big hit and force the ball loose.
Jones, D pass incomplete to Helm, D. 3 8 FS30 4-1-6 Straight man coverage again. Nnadi uses a beautiful swin move to get past the OG and push the RB back into Jones to disrupt the pass. Great rep by the senior DT.
Jones, D pass incomplete to Rahming, T.J. (Lane, E). 4 8 FS30 4-1-6 Thomas has responsibilities on the RB, but rushes when he sees the RB stay in to pass block. Man coverage again as Jones launches a desperation Hail Mary to the end zone. Oddly reminiscent of the Wake Forest game. Both Lane and McFadden are in the area of the pass and they both jump this time to bat down the pass.
Drive Summary: 9 Plays, 55 yards, 1:32 used.