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Gameday Central: Florida State at Clemson

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Florida State travels to Clemson to play the defending national champs. Everything should be fine. Join us to watch and discuss the game.


Gameday Central

Florida State at Clemson 3:30 PM ET

Watch: ESPN/WatchESPN

Listen: ‘Nole Radio Network, Tiger Radio Network

Weather: Chilly day in South Carolina. Temperature will be highest at kickoff, hovering around 50 degrees dropping to 45 by then end of the game. Sunny and clear with winds ENE at 5 mph.

The Spread: The good news, the line as been shifting toward FSU. The bad news, it’s only two points and it started as FSU being an 18 point dog. Clemson is now favored by 16 to 16.5 points. See the rest of your college football spreads here.

Game Coverage: Clemson Nolecast, Staff Predictions, Opponent Q&A, Injury Report, Cam Akers is Good

Florida State has injuries. Clemson has injuries. Florida State has talent. Clemson has talent. Florida State will most likely not win. We know what the ‘Noles are at this point. A win against the Tigers wouldn’t right the ship or any other cliche. Changes will happen and need to happen. Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun for the ‘Noles to pull a huge upset. Go Noles? GO NOLES!

Florida State at Clemson Game Thread

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Other Games

This is another excellent Saturday of football with seven ranked vs ranked games. There is a lot of uncertainty heading into the playoff picture. Today will help sort some of that out. Alabama SHOULD cruise against Mississippi State as The Tide is favored by 13.5. Alabama has one win against a currently ranked team (LSU at 24). Georgia has a much bigger test against #10 Auburn as UGA is favored by 2 to 3. With each week that Georgia and Alabama wins, chances of two SEC teams in the top 4 at the end of the year will increase.

Baker Mayfield has been putting up video game numbers and averaging 11.6 yards per pass in the Big 12. Or in other words, Big 12 numbers. He will actually have a test against TCU’s defense. The Frogs, by Big 12 standards, are 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers. Mayfield will have to throw against a defense allowing just 6.6 yards per pass in conference play. Each team already has a loss. So, Big 12 elimination game. FUN!

Last week, Malik Rosier went 11 of 22 for 202 yards, 2 TDs and 3 INTs. The Canes beat VT going away because, sure. This week, Miami’s run defense will be tested by the best team they have seen to date. Notre Dame is averaging 6.5 yards per rush against the power 5. Miami’s rush defense is respectable giving up just over 4 yards per carry. Notre Dame is just a 3 point favorite. A Miami win and the dream season continues with a shot at being the only undefeated team from the ACC and in the college football playoff.

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