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Inside the box score: FSU 87, George Washington 67

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The ‘Noles pick up a solid win in game one

NCAA Basketball: George Washington at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports
  1. In the keys to the season, we noted that defensive rebounding was going to be a serious issue for this team. In game one, the ‘Noles allowed George Washington to grab 15 offensive boards, which was 39% of the available rebounds. The first time last year’s team allowed more than 30% in a game, they lost to Temple in November. To be fair, five of the 15 were blocked shots where the Colonials were able to maintain possession. But still, this is something to be monitored moving forward.
  2. Christ Koumadje had his best game as a Seminole. Now that he’s a junior, it’s sometimes difficult to remember just how raw his game was when he arrived on campus, or that he was a backup on his high school team. But last night he was solid. He matched his career bests with 21 minutes and 14 points, and set new highs with 7 rebounds and 5 blocks. Last year 62% of his buckets were dunks. Against George Washington he had several nice post moves and knocked down four jump hooks to go along with three dunks.
  3. The free throw disparity was alarming. The ‘Noles, who did a great job attacking the rim, attempted just four, while George Washington attempted 14. Part of this was due to the zone that the Colonials stayed in for the final 34 of the game, part was the refs swallowing the whistle against the bigger team, and part was a failure to recognize driving lanes. It was the fewest free throws attempted by Florida State in Coach Hamilton’s 15+ year tenure.
  4. For the 2nd straight year, attendance at the home opener increased. Last year it increased by 13%, and this year saw an increase of over 8%. The students did an especially good job of arriving on time and filling their section.
  5. The ‘Noles won 87-67 in a 73 possession game. Coach Hamilton noted several times in the post game that his team did not play fast enough. The 1.18 points scored per possession by FSU would have been right in the middle of last year’s ooc results, as would the 0.91 allowed. So if you are looking for a comparison to last year’s team, this was about an average out of conference result. The key moving forward will be whether or not it was a good or bad (or average) result for this team.