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Gameday Central: Delaware State at Florida State

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Florida State is going to pick up it’s second home win of the season. The W is almost as guaranteed as it gets. Join us to watch and discuss the game.

Chief Osceola and Renegade

Gameday Central

Delaware State at Florida State 12:00 PM ET

Watch: ACC Network

Listen: ‘Nole Radio Network

Weather: Finally a home game under 80 degrees. Just had to wait for mid November. Temperatures will be near 74 at kickoff, warming to around 76 by the end of the game. Clear sunny skies with winds SSW at 9 mph.

The Spread: Florida State by a whole bunch. Like 55. Find the rest of your football spreads here.

Game Coverage: This week, we talked about coaches and stuff a bunch, like Florida State President Thrasher on Jimbo Fisher and the Defensive Coordinator hot board . Other programs are always bringing up Fisher’s name as a replacement, even in a bad year. He doesn’t like to talk about it.

‘Game Coverage’ is down below. We still gave a score prediction. How many staff picked FSU to lose?

Delaware State is not a good team. Florida State is not a good team. But hey, three of FSU’s losses are to the current top three teams in the country. How about that. Three of Delaware State’s losses include a 14 points loss to Savannah State, 29 point loss to Howard, and a 41 point loss to North Carolina A&T. This is the worst opponent Florida State has faced since the running clock/early game ending against Savannah State in 2012. The same team that Delaware State loss to this year. A 55 point spread is more than FSU has scored in multiple games combined this year. With that, let’s play a game.

FSU will score at lease how many combined game points (under doesn’t count)?

A: Boston College 3, 1 game, 3 points (catastrophic failure)

B: Boston College 3, Alabama 7. 2 Games, 10 points. (also please no)

C: Boston College 3, Alabama 7, Clemson 14. 3 games, 24 points (Ugh. Nope.)

D: Boston College 3, Alabama 7, Clemson 14, Duke 17. 4 games, 41 points (disappointing but possible)

E: Boston College 3, Alabama 7, Clemson 14, Duke 17, Miami 20. 5 games, 61 points (this is fine)

F: Boston College 3, Alabama 7, Clemson 14, Duke 17, Miami 20, NC State 21. 6 games, 82 points (Goodness, running clock please, sorry Delaware State, it’s been a rough season.)

Delaware State at Florida State Game Thread

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Hafltime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Other Games

After two weeks of great match-ups, college football enters rivalry game prep week. In other words, a whole bunch of terrible games before next weekend’s regular season finale. So, after the Florida State game, flip around until you find the most competitive game. Good luck. The Watch Grid tries to convince you there’s nothing wrong with this weekend’s games.

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