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Inside the box score: FSU 90, Colorado State 73

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NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Florida State forced 22 turnovers, including career highs from Che Bob (6), JD Paige (5), and Lorenzo Jenkins (4). The Seminoles have forced 21.3 turnovers per game, which is 28.7% of their opponent’s possessions. West Virginia, which led the nation in turnover%, forced TOs on 27.6% of possessions last season. That number will certainly drop once FSU hits ACC play, but they still could contend for most disruptive team of Leonard Hamilton’s tenure. The 2012-13 team was the last to force turnovers on more than 20% of possessions (20.6%), and the 2005-06 team forced the most, coming in at 24.9%.
  2. Twenty-five years ago, Rodney Dobard set a program record with 111 blocks in a season. Since then, no one has come close, with Bernard James in 2nd place with 82 blocks. Can that record be threatened? Through three games, junior Christ Koumadje has blocked 11 shots, which - over a 34 game season - projects to 127 blocked shots. And he’s doing this while averaging only 17 minutes per game. Koumadje has blocked a quarter of the shots while he’s on the floor, which leads the nation.
  3. Freshman MJ Walker had his breakout game, scoring 22 points on just 12 shots. His point total is the high for any FSU player this season. Though to stay on the floor, he needs to cut down on his foul rate. He’s committing 6.5 fouls/40 minutes, and his 11 fouls are three more than the next closest Seminole.
  4. FSU made 9-23 3s (39%). It marked the third consecutive game to begin the season where FSU has attempted more than 20 3-pointers. They are averaging 22.7 3-pt attempts per game, which would be 2nd all time at FSU. The 2003-04 team attempted 23.9 per game.
  5. The ‘Noles won 90-73 in a 79 possession game. The 79 possessions was a season high. Florida State is now averaging 14.3 seconds per offensive possession, which is the 22nd fastest in the nation, and a full second faster than last year’s team.