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VIDEO: FSU-UF hype video for The Battle for Bowl Eligibility

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Caution: Contents may not be suitable for anybody who enjoys and loves the sport of football

Florida v Florida State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

If you told me that FSU and Florida would have the same record heading into the last week of the season, my response would’ve been, “wow, how did Florida end up doing well this year?”

Instead, in the dumpster fire of a year that’s been 2017, we get the rivalry week matchup that we deserve: 4-6 Florida State vs. 4-6 Florida.

To accompany said dumpster fire, I threw together a hype video that perfectly captures the essence of this week’s matchup:

Florida State is looking to secure a win in order to keep the dream of a 36-year long bowl streak alive, while Florida is hoping to keep the dream of possibly technically qualifying for a bowl via waiver to avoid missing a bowl for the second time in five season.

So hey, I guess there’s at least there’s something on the line when the two schools face off on Saturday.