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Nolecast: Florida State, Texas A&M, and Jimbo Limbo

The No. 1 Florida State podcast discusses the latest in the Jimbo Fisher saga.

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Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of The Nolecast, the No. 1 Florida State Seminoles podcast. What is the latest on the Jimbo Fisher saga with FSU and Texas A&M? The hosts discuss. Listen in the player below this article, or at this direct link.

Show notes

-How the Auburn v. Alabama game impacted Jimbo Fisher’s options

-The details on Texas A&M’s offer

-A long discussion about FSU’s booster structure, and the differing goals that a head coach and booster organization should have. A head coach focuses only on the short term, since even great head coach tenures are short-term propositions. Boosters should be on short term, like with office renovations, new player dorms, locker room renovation, player’s lounge, IPF, etc., but also have to think long-term, like with College Town and Champions Club. The football-only facility is coming. And facilities are not the reason FSU lost a single game in 2017. Mismanaging and misevaluation a roster and more importantly a coaching staff are.

-All sources are very clear that Jimbo Fisher loves his kids very much and spending time with them is a major priority.

-According to players and members of Fisher’s staff, the mood in the program this year is different than it was in previous years. They don’t trust Fisher’s assurances this time around. Even if he stays, he’s going to have to rebuild some relationships.

-If Jimbo Fisher decides to leave, he can get out of having to fire his friends on the coaching staff. This is something our sources believe he knows he must do, but does not want to have to do.