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FSU’s Jimbo Fisher: Missing Chili’s Magic Margaritas

DJ Qualls from TNT's Memphis Beat And Liz Gillies from Nickelodeon's VicTORIous Participate As VIP Servers At Chili's In Encino Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images For Chili's

Florida State University offers a variety of dining options to students in its Union. For many years, alcohol was not served at any of these establishment.

Then came Chili’s.

Home of 2 for 1 Margarita’s and draft beers, chips and salsa, and Southwestern egg rolls, Chili’s offered students a chance to fuel up on food and drink before class.

Don’t take our word for it - the students launched a petition to retain Chili’s on campus.

Chili’s not only helped students get blitzed between classes, but also fueled the winning years of Jimbo Fisher’s FSU career:

Fisher was 78-17 with one national title in the 7 years Chili’s was on campus.

After Chili’s closed?

Fisher is 5-6 with constant tracking of all aircraft with any tenuous connection to Texas A&M University.

Jimbo Fisher missed the 2 for 1 Margarita’s. Without the pungent combination of watered down sour mix and well tequila, the magic ran out in Tallahassee.

Fisher is now running out of Tallahassee, following the scent of Margarita filled Tex-Mex establishments all the way to College Station. Unfortunately for Fisher and Texas A&M fans, there is no Chili’s on campus.