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Inside the box score: FSU 72, Tulane 53

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

1. Tulane attempted just eight FTs, which was their second lowest FT Rate for a single game since Mike Dunleavy Sr. took over as head coach. Florida State is currently 58th nationally in free throw rate allowed, which would be the best since Leonard Hamilton took over the program 15 years ago.

2. Terance Mann committed two fouls in the first 2:19 of the game, and promptly sat for the rest of the half. He finished the game with two fouls (or three short of fouling out). Usually, this would make me lose my mind. Coach Hamilton, along with what seems to be a majority of college coaches, has long had a hard rule that he sits guys with two fouls until the end of the first half. This is often a waste, as in the case today where Mann never picked up another foul. But this year has been different. Ham has actually been playing guys with two fouls, so he must have been making a larger point, or seeing how the rest of the guys would fare, in a game he felt was under control.

3. Mfiondu Kabengele had a brutal game against Florida, missing all six shots from the field, and looking overwhelmed. There was discussion about whether his unexpected success earlier in the year was solely due to lower level competition. Coach Hamilton said no, that it was that Fi got too emotional against the Gators and allowed the game to mentally be too fast. Against the big and athletic Tulane front line, Fi had a solid nine points and four rebounds, and scored with a number of creative moves inside. He also helped spur Florida State on their big 2nd half run when he got a great angle in the post, sealed his man, and created a wide open lane for Trent Forrest to drive to the basket. He can still be a bit of a black hole, and he settles for 17’ jumpers too often, but his development has been nothing short of inspiring.

4. Trent Forrest matched his career high with four steals, and is now averaging 1.9 per game. The Florida State defense is stealing the ball on 11.7% of opponent possessions, which is 22nd nationally.

5. FSU won 72-53 in a 73 possession game. The 0.73 points per possession scored by Tulane was their lowest in Coach Dunleavy’s tenure, and it was the 2nd time this year FSU has held an opponent to that mark or lower. The last four Seminole teams combined for two games where they were than stingy (both by last year’s squad).