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Inside the box score: FSU 98, Southern Miss 45

The schedule gets a little more difficult after the Christmas break

NCAA Basketball: Southern Mississippi at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Florida State is now 11-1, and is entering ACC play with one loss for the second straight season. This year’s ooc schedule was unforgivably bad, coming in at 302nd in SOS. But last year’s was hardly better, weighing in at a hefty 272nd. And that team not only made the dance, but were significantly overseeded as a 3-seed. So RPI is important. Strength of schedule matters. But at the end of the day if you have a bunch of wins, with a few of them coming against good teams away from home, then the NCAA Tournament committee will fit you in somewhere.
  2. Trent Forrest doubled his career high in assists, registering 12 versus Southern Miss. That tied him for the 16th most in school history for a single game, and was the most since Luke Loucks had 13 in the 2012 ACC Championship game against North Carolina. Forrest is the 2nd player in Coach Hamilton’s tenure to have at least 12 assists in a game.
  3. “[Coach Hamilton has] done an unbelievable job and they’ve got a great team. You can tell they like each other. I guess for a coach, for only thing positive I can take away from here is to see their bench get so excited for the guys that don’t get to play very much. That’s special. You’ve got guys over there in the last two or three minutes and their teammates are really cheering them on because those guys don’t get to play much. That tells me they’ve got unbelievable culture, they pull for each other, and as a coach that was kind of neat. I don’t like being on that end of it don’t get me wrong, but to see their teammates pull for those guys that was kind of neat. I wish it was a closer game then they wouldn’t have been in the game, but it wasn’t, and I thought that was the most positive thing to be honest with you. That’s what I am going to take away from this game and try to set on my team.” - Southern Miss head coach Doc Sadler
  4. Coach Hamilton has consistently stated that this team shoots better than they’ve shown. Against Southern Miss they made 53% of their 3s, and are now shooting 37.8% from deep, good for 87th nationally. The 2006-07 ‘Noles, and the 2013-14 team both shot 38% from beyond the arc, and are the best shooting teams in Ham’s tenure. Phil Cofer (48%), MJ Walker (46%), and Braian Angola (42%) have all shot well from deep.
  5. Florida State won 98-45 in a 77 possession game. As Matt noted in his Baseline Breakdown, it was FSU’s 7th lowest points per possession allowed since advanced metrics became available in 2002. Florida State has now held six consecutive opponents below a point per possession, though Duke’s No. 1 offense is looming on December 30th.