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Gameday Central: Bowl Game Edition

Florida State is bowl eligible (never a doubt) and will play Southern Miss in the Walk-on’s Independence Bowl in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Odell Haggins
Florida State interim head coach Odell Haggins
Tomahawk Nation

Gameday Central: Bowl Game Edition

Southern Mississippi vs Florida State 1:30 PM ET

Watch: ESPN/WatchESPN

Listen: ’Nole Radio Network, Eagles Radio Network

Weather: Temperature will be around 40 at kick. Temperatures will creep towards a balmy 41 degrees by the end of the game. Yikes. Hope the equipment staff remembered the long sleeves. Breezy with winds NE at 12 mph, mostly cloudy skies and no rain.

The Spread: Florida State opened as 14-point favorite. The ’Noles are now favored by 14.5 to 15 points. Check out the rest of the bowl game spreads here.

Game Coverage: Nolecast, Bowl Game, Staff Predictions, Opponent Q&A, Odell Staying?

Not even hateful, basement-dwelling, keyboard-pounding Reddit gnomes could keep Florida State from going bowling. That story pretty much sums up FSU’s season this year. A top 5 match-up in game one against Alabama, to sports media picking up some garbage internet troll story questioning if FSU should be allowed to go to Shreveport.

Getting bowl eligible was a struggle this year, to be sure. But FSU did everything right in the wake of the great 2017 meltdown. Losses piled up, Jimbo Fisher appears to have stopped coaching/recruiting sometime around October/November. Then, a 2nd-tier, maybe third-tier school announced they bought a championship coach for a boatload of guaranteed money. Odell Haggins, ’Nole for Life, was made the interim head coach. Now, Florida State has the opportunity to keep the winning season streak alive in what was perhaps the strangest/craziest Florida State season in history.

Have fun with Florida State’s down year, internet. All early indications are pointing to FSU hitting the coaching lottery with a major upgrade. Willie Taggart will bring a young, energetic staff to Tallahassee. He’s already putting in work. Florida State will get right. Happy New Year, indeed.

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