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Reddit user fakes Willie Taggart to FSU flight plan

Nice try. Real Nice.

Accessed on FlightAware

Tomahawk Nation has vowed to keep Florida State Seminoles football fans up to date with all the important details regarding the ‘Noles head coaching search.

This includes tracking airplanes. As a bit of an aviation nerd and a college football plane tracking enthusiast, I have named myself Tomahawk Nation’s Plane Czar. FlightAware has become my second most visited site, only behind (of course) Tomahawk Nation.

As part of my regular search for flights involving Eugene, OR and Tallahassee, FL, I came across a very interesting and unusual flight path: a direct flight from Eugene to Tallahassee.

Surely this must be Willie Taggart’s direct flight to join up with the FSU program, right?


A Reddit user got creative and filed a fake flight plan to mess with us plane tracking nerds.

The flight path itself is rare - so the sight of this flashed warning lights on its own.

This was, however, a Nice attempt to fool us.

Let’s break it down:

Tail number for the plane filed is N69RCFB

N is the beginning of all tail numbers; 69 is a randomly Nice chosen number; and RCFB stands undoubtedly for R/CFB - the college football section of Reddit.

Nice try, guys. Very Nice.