All ACC Recruit Team 2017

All ACC Recruit Team 2017 (Based on 247 composite ratings)

1st Team
QB- Hunter Johnson (Clem) 5*
RB- Cam Akers (FSU) 5*
RB- Khalan Laborn (FSU) 5*
WR- Tee Higgins (Clem) 5*
WR- Jeff Thomas (UM) 4*
TE- Charles Reeves (Pitt) 4*
OT- Navaughn Donaldson (UM) 4*
OT- Kai-Leon Herbert (UM) 4*
OG- Jonah Melton (UNC) 4*
OG- Matt Bockhorst (Clem) 4*
OC- Will Taylor (Duke) 3*

DE- Joshua Kaindoh (FSU) 5*
DE- DJ Johnson (UM) 4*
DT- Marvin Wilson (FSU) 5*
DT- Jalen Parks (FSU) 4*
LB- Leonard Warner (FSU) 4*
LB- Bruce Jordan-Swilling (GT) 4*
LB- Dylan Rivers (VT) 4*
CB- Stanford Samuels (FSU) 4*
CB- AJ Terrell (Clem) 4*
S- Devon Hunter (VT) 4*
S- Paris Ford (Pitt) 4*
ATH- Tyjuan Garbutt (VT) 4*

2nd Team
QB- N'Kosi Perry (UM) 4*
RB- Zaquandre White (FSU) 4*
RB- Travis Etienne (Clem) 4*
WR- DJ Matthews (FSU) 4*
WR- Amari Rodgers (Clem) 4*
TE- Jake Marwede (Duke) 3*
OT- Blake Vinson (Clem) 3*
OT- Caleb Chandler (UL) 3*
OG- Joshua Fedd-Jackson (NCST) 3*
OG- Cole Bentley (UL) 3*
OC- Brian Anderson (UNC) 3*

DE- Justin Foster (Clem) 4*
DE- Jake Lawler (UNC) 4*
DT- Zach Gill (UNC) 4*
DT- Cory Durden (FSU) 3*
LB- Adonis Thomas (FSU) 3*
LB- De'Andre Wilder (UM) 3*
LB- Kaleb Oliver (GT) 3*
CB- Leanthony Williams (Clem) 4*
CB- Trajan Bandy (UM) 4*
S- Cyrus Fagan (FSU) 4*
S- Hamsah Nasirildeen (FSU) 4*
ATH- Deejay Dallas (UM) 4*

Team- Total (1st team)(2nd team)
FSU 13(7)(6)
Clem 9(4)(5)
UM 8(4)(4)
UNC 4(1)(3)
VT 3(3)(0)
Pitt 2(2)(0)
Duke 2(1)(1)
GT 2(1)(1)
UL 2(0)(2)
NCST 1(0)(1)

Analyzing by position group, there is a very high level of talent committed at DE, CB and RB, with four 4* DEs missing the cut and three 4* RBs and three 4* CBs not making the list. Safety was very top heavy this year with all four safeties on the list being ranked in the 15 overall nationally. Conversely it was a weak year for OL and LB recruiting with no blue chip prospects beyond the 1st team at either position. (Though UM fans are probably happy to land the only 2 blue chip OTs in the conference this recruiting cycle.)

Last season it was a battle between FSU and Clemson for who got the most top players in conference by position, after FSU dominated the 2015 team with 16 total representatives, including 11 first teamers. Link to 2016 team

Comparing the numbers:

2015: FSU- 16 (11)(5) Clem- 9 (5)(4)
2016: FSU- 13(10)(3) Clem- 11(8)(3)

This year, much like 2015, features FSU out in front of the pack with 13 total representatives on the 1st and 2nd teams and Clemson and UM occupying the 2nd tier with 9 and 8 total representatives making it on either the 1st or 2nd team. In terms of landing elite talent, FSU and Clemson were the only two teams to land 5*s, with FSU signing four and Clemson getting the other two.

FSU dominated the 1st team defense, with almost 1/2 the unit being Noles. The Noles also dominated RB recruiting, landing the top 3 RBs in a year that was deep in the conference at the position. FSU similarly cleaned up at DT, landing 3 of the top 4 at that all important position.

Five of the remaining seven teams to land representatives on the list hail from the Coastal division. The two top teams in that tier of teams are UNC (who loaded up on elite talent in the trenches) and VT (who signed three 1st teamers on the defensive side of the ball). Louisville, the only Atlantic team besides FSU and CU to have more than one representative on the list, managed two 2nd team O-linemen. Is that performance considered a disappointment after the big year they had with Lamar Jackson? (For reference, UL also had two 2nd team representatives on last year's team.) Though in fairness they did have some prospects just miss the 2nd team cut, as did Pitt.

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