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Inside the box score: FSU 104, Boston College 72

The ‘Noles stay in contention for a double-bye in the ACCT

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

1. Terance Mann had another game which we’ve become accustomed too: he was quiet, didn’t do anything flashy, and played disruptive defense to go along with an efficient line of four points, three rebounds, and a steal in 15 minutes. As the talking heads like to say, he’s a glue guy. But it’s also important to recognize how efficient he is, as efficiency wins games. In ACC play he has an offensive rating of 123.8. Essentially, that means that FSU scores 1.24 points per possession when he’s involved in the play. That’s the fifth best in the ACC.

2. FSU fans have become used to PJ Savoy coming off the bench and providing instant offense (as he did last night with 15 points in 13 minutes), but against Boston College, CJ Walker also played the same role. In 12 minutes he scored nine points and grabbed four rebounds. Though, to be honest, I really just included him in the rundown so that I could insert this highlight:

3. FSU had eight turnovers in 80 possessions (10% turnover rate). UNC-Wilmington turns the ball over the least of college basketball’s 351 Division I teams, and they come in at 13.8% on the year. Another way to look at how good 10% or less is, from the end of Steve Robinson’s tenure through the first several years of Leonard Hamilton’s tenure, Florida State went 354 consecutive games where their turnover rate was always greater than 10%. It was the fourth time this season that FSU has been at 10% or less.

4. FSU’s bench (the Boom Squad) outscored Boston College’s bench 59-2. I don’t even know what to say about that. It’s crazy.

5. Florida State won 104-72 in an 80 possession game. The 80 possessions officially pushed them past UNC as the most uptempo team in the ACC. In the ACC’s other game last night, Miami beat Virginia in overtime. Those two teams combined to score 102 points, and played 59 possessions.