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A big week ahead at the NFL combine for Florida State

8 former Seminoles look to boost their draft stock.

FSU 2017 Combine
Official FSU Football Twitter account

Measurements are pouring in as the NFL combine kicks off today and will conclude Monday, March 6th. Eight former Seminoles will participate in maybe the biggest week of their lives as they attempt to run, jump, lift, and interview their way in to a high draft pick come late April. Interesting historical note, Florida State has the most invitees of all-time at 226 after the participation of this year’s eight.

You can watch the combine every day on the NFL network channel,, or the NFL mobile app along with a full broadcast schedule for each positional group here. Here’s a mini preview for each Seminole participating, along with their current draft projections next to their names & what questions they may be able to answer this week.

Dalvin Cook (Top 20): Cook’s draft status is largely cemented thanks to a remarkable 3 year career in garnet and gold. As long as he measures well (over 200lbs) and runs decently, he’ll more than likely go in the top half of the this year’s draft. His biggest concerns will be his medical report (lingering soft tissue injuries) and answering any potential questions NFL staffs may have concerning his character in the interviews section.

Demarcus Walker (2nd to 3rd): Walker will have to prove to his skeptics that his athleticism matches up with production in order to cement Thursday night (1st round) status as a draft pick. First round is important because it puts Walker in the position of having an entirely guaranteed contract & the opportunity of a fifth year option. Walker is currently projected as 2nd to 3rd round according to the numerous mock draft in the blogosphere. Walker has been the consummate pro during his time in Tallahassee and that mentality will do well for him during interviews.

Roderick Johnson (3rd to 5th): Johnson’s draft status will best be impacted by answering some questions about his strength, while also measuring well within his listed marks at FSU; (6’7 300+, 35 inch + arm length). A very cerebral offensive lineman, Johnson should excel in the interview room

Travis Rudolph (4th to 6th): Rudolph after entering the draft early will need to test and measure very well to boost his draft stock. With 40% of his season’s production coming against less than stellar competition, Rudolph will need to prove athletically that he has the potential to separate vs NFL competition; considering his actions with Bo Paske I imagine Travis will be liked when conversing with NFL executives int the meeting room.

Jesus ‘Bobo’ Wilson (6th to UFA): Wilson was FSU’s most consistent receiver before injuring his Achilles and missing the rest of the season. To boost his draft stock he’ll need to show that he’s recovered well from his injury while measuring over (5’9) and catching the ball well in drills as Wilson has had the propensity to make the difficult look easy & the easy look difficult. Wilson has a one-time scooter incident for which he’ll have to have answers ready for when he meets with NFL executives.

Levonte ‘Kermit’ Whitfield (5th to UFA): The goal for Whitfield is very simple: speed. At likely 5’7 and under 180lbs NFL teams won’t see him as much more than an emergency slot WR & a special teams weapons. But you can make a lot of money doing that for a long time with world-class speed. The former prodigal 100m runner that once ran a 10.15 with a bad hammy will look to boost his stock on the track in Indianapolis.

Marquez White (4th to 6th): White, A two year starter at corner, comes in under the radar but can really make a name for himself this week in Indy. If he measures well (6’0, ~190lbs w/ long arms) while also running and jumping well, his natural athleticism (former basketball player at FSU) and ball skills will cause NFL teams to do their due diligence on his game. White has no character concerns that we know of and his self-run youth football camp for kids in his neighborhoods will come off very well to NFL executives in the meeting room.

Freddie Stevenson (6th to UFA): The forgotten man of the group and a former linebacker in High School. Stevenson has plus athleticism for the fullback position. If Freddie runs and catches well at 230+ pounds, he should intrigue teams looking for a fullback or possible H-back. Stevenson, a very spiritual player, has no character concerns and will probably do very well in front of executives with his level of maturity.

Note: A Separate tracker with updated measurements and results from the on field workouts will be available later this week.