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Florida State seed scenarios for the ACC Tournament

Will FSU get a coveted double-bye?

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Virginia vs North Carolina Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With one game to go, Florida State fans want to know where FSU will be seeded in the ACC Tournament New York Life ACC Tournament. For FSU to earn double-bye, they need to grab a top four seed. That would mean that the Seminoles’ first opponent will have to play at least one game prior to meeting Florida State.

FSU has one game remaining, and will host Miami on Saturday.

At this point, we know two things. North Carolina is the 1-seed, and Boston College is the 15-seed.

So to date, the bracket looks like this:

So here are the scenarios, using this handy dandy bracket generator, which you can use yourself to fact check my seedings:


FSU wins. UL beats ND.


FSU win or lose. UNC beats Duke. ND beats UL.


FSU win or lose. Duke beats UNC. ND beats UL.

FSU loses. UNC beats Duke. UL beats ND. VT beats Wake.


FSU loses. Duke beats UNC. UL beats ND. VT beats Wake.


FSU loses. UL beats ND. Wake beats VT.