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Could Miami have done more to avoid rain out while trailing Florida State?

Foul play in Miami? You be the judge.

Photo Courtesy of Florida State Athletics

Florida State held a 2-0 lead in the third inning against Miami however no one will ever know that past Sunday due to Miami leaving the field untarped during a rain delay, causing the field to get waterlogged despite FSU’s attempt to tarp its opponents field. Essentially, the Hurricanes pulled a UF and did all it could to get the remaining of the game cancelled.

Before we go any deeper, yes, Florida State had a similar instance against FGCU earlier in the season in which the game was already at a completed stage and there was no tarp put on the field with the ‘Noles winning. However, that was agreed upon by both teams as confirmed by the FSU equipment staff. Against Miami on Sunday, the ‘Noles tried to tarp the Hurricanes’ field.

After the game, UM head coach Jim Morris said both teams were waived off the field by umpires, but the FSU Equipment staff said otherwise.

With the game rained out, Florida State now has an opportunity to boost its resume over a tougher opponent. On May 10th, FSU will host Mercer to make up for Sunday’s lost game. As of Sunday, Mercer is No. 32 in the RPI compared to Miami at No. 68. After some miscommunication, Florida State is not scheduled to play Mercer at this time.

This also plays a large implication on Miami’s postseason chances, as the Hurricanes need to go .500, including the ACC Tournament, just to be considered. As of now, they sit at 19-20, however one of those victories was against St. Thomas, an NAIA school, and will not count toward postseason eligibility.

If Miami is unable to gain postseason eligibility, it’s nation leading 44 straight postseason appearances will be snapped, and Florida State, which currently sits at second with 39 consecutive appearances, will take over as the nation’s longest.

With Miami desperately needing a victory, the game was still early enough for the Hurricanes to make a comeback. Will we ever have a definitive answer to why the tarp was never pulled out? You can judge that for yourself.