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Florida State football, recruiting news: Who’s the top NFL prospect currently on FSU’s roster?

The NFL draft is here, how many Seminoles do you think get selected?

Florida v Florida State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


Who’s top NFL prospect that’s currently on the roster? The obvious answer is Derwin James; but in my opinion the answer is not that simple. Safeties, even generational ones, do not go top 5 in today’s NFL but a fully healthy Josh Sweat combined with a dominant year & a great showing at the combine could supplant him but that’s just my take; what do you think?

Who’s the next Dalvin Cook? I think a better question would be is there even an answer to that question?

An easier question to answer might be who’s the next Demarcus Walker?

Everyone thinks that college offensive lines suck; even the NFL.


FSU and OSU visited this 5-star Linebacker yesterday:

FSU also visited 4-star Corner-back commitment, Isaiah Bolden.

Here’s how FSU is trending with some key prospects this spring.

FSU fans are pretty keen on getting a top-flight QB recruit for #Tribe18; here’s how the QB dominoes have fallen so far.

Other Sports:

FSU is currently a 2-seed in the Auburn Regional in the projection of the College World Series.

Here’s what FSU Softball’s Jessica Burough had to say about being a Number 1 overall draft pick:

FSU’s highly touted throws group & 4x100 relay team will compete at the historic Penn Relays this weekend.


The Eagles haven’t taken a Running back in the first round of the NFL draft in a long time; could Dalvin Cook break that streak?

Meanwhile Mike Mayock has FSU’s all-time leading rusher heading to the Chiefs; the Chiefs released Jamaal Charles so they’re definitely in need of a back.

He’s not an alum but he did graduate from UCF; Daniel Tosh is currently on tour and had a little fun in FSU’s locker room:

How many Seminoles do you think get drafted this weekend? I’m going with Dalvin Cook, Demarcus Walker, Roderick Johnson, Marques White, and Freddie Stevenson.