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3 up, 3 down: Florida State shutout by Virginia

Where did the Florida State offense go?

Florida State baseball head coach Mike Martin summed up an 8-0 loss to Virginia best by saying, “We got it handed to us....They took us back to the woodshed. Plain and simple.”

Three up:

  1. Tyler Holton started the game throwing four scoreless innings, before allowing a two run homer in the fourth when he would be pulled. Through 4 1/3 innings pitched, Holton only allowed those two earned runs on five hits and one walk with striking out one. It wasn’t a particularly great start, but in a game like today’s, it’s hard to find many positives.
  2. Will Zirzow was the fifth reliever out of the FSU bullpen, and by far the most successful. The redshirt junior threw 1 13 scoreless innings, allowing one hit and one walk.
  3. Drew Mendoza had some fabulous plays in the field at first place, and seems to be getting a feel for that position. He made an over-the-railing catch and had an unassisted double play along with some nice picks on low throws.

Three down:

  1. The offense was arguably the worst it has been all season. Zero runs, two hits, and five walks. It was just a horrendous showing all around, and Rhett Aplin remains the only FSU hitter with a batting average over .300.
  2. Jim Voyles came in to relieve Kwiatkowski and allowed UVA to jump out even further ahead. Voyles allowed four runs in just 23 of an inning on four hits and one walk. His season ERA is now up to 4.15 through 30 13 innings pitched.
  3. The big inning that allowed UVA to open up the game was a fifth run sixth by the Cavs. In that inning, all five runs were scored with two outs as UVA recorded six straight safe base runners after having a runner on first and two outs. It wouldn’t have made a difference seeing that FSU scored 0 runs, but mentally, a 2-0 comeback is a lot easier to prepare for than a 7-0 deficit.

The rubber match is scheduled for 1 PM on Saunday.