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FSU’s Derwin James flies. Again.

Look, ma. No cape.

Florida State v Georgia Tech

Yesterday, we wrote, quite jocularly, about how “character issues” may have played a part in the exclusion of Florida State defensive backs Tarvarus McFadden and Derwin James from the Lott Trophy Watch List. It was an exercise in combatting sheer lunacy with humor, because if you can’t laugh at something that stupid, the only other recourse is often crying. And let’s be honest, no preseason watch list is worth anyone’s tears.

Well, the relentless James is at it again, this time flagrantly flouting the immutable laws of gravity. He is now a repeat offender of such transgressions, having already achieved borderline levitation in the past. Here’s James’ latest aerial affront:


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It’s now patently obvious that James has taken strong issue with the intellectual property of one Sir Isaac Newton. However, it seems fruitless to pursue James on this offense; even if he were apprehended, he’d most likely just jump bail.