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Florida State football, recruiting news: Could Cam Akers break Dalvin Cook’s freshman record?

Which game on FSU’s schedule has the highest stakes?

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports


1,008. That’s the number of yards Dalvin Cook rushed for his freshman year; could Cam Akers break it?

Perhaps the bandwagon is already getting a little too full for rookie Cam Akers, but the mere fact Florida State fans aren't apoplectic over the departure of Dalvin Cook only serves as a reminder of how good the Seminoles' "next big thing" could be. So here's a record to watch: Cook set the school's rushing record for a freshman back in 2014, running for 1,008 yards after getting a late crack at the starting job. Akers could have the gig from Week 1, and if he does, 1,000 yards would be reasonable, even if most reasonable expectations have gone out the window for the talented RB

Florida State has two contest on this list of top ten games with the highest stakes and neither of them is Alabama.

Speaking of Alabama the wheels are starting to turn on the gameplan for Alabama.

The NCAA has instituted a bunch of new recruiting regulations and ACC coaches are more than displeased with them.

Vegas has set FSU’s win total at 10.5; are you going over or under?

The QBs on FSU schedule don’t look to special at the moment but the receivers and tight ends? Different story.

Another reminder that targeting penalties following you from year to year is completely ludicrous.

Lane Kiffin is offering preteens again.

The latest details out of the Baylor Title IX allegations are chilling and disturbing; but should this be an NCAA matter?


Arguably the top slot-WR on FSU’s board, Jaylen Waddle, released his top 12 last night. Spoiler alert: FSU is in it. Second spoiler alert: It’s kind of annoying:

ESPN updated their early team class rankings: FSU is 6th.

The top HS CB in Georgia has narrowed his list to four.

Other Sports:

FSU’s Jonathan Isaac just might be the biggest steal of the draft; he’s No. 1 on ESPN’s analytics draft board.

For a team that many thought were preseason top 3; FSU baseball being among the last four in is not good.

The road to Oklahoma City begins this weekend; tickets are available if you’re around: