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Florida State football, recruiting news: Is Derwin James the most irreplaceable player in college football?

Mcdonald’s All-American MJ Walker signs with FSU.

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports


Derwin James is one of the best players in college football but is he also the most irreplaceable? CBS Sports is close to thinking so as he ranks #3 on their list of the 17 most irreplaceable players in college football.

James missed almost all of last season with a knee injury, but I don't think this ranking is an overinflation. He is a unique defender because he thrives at all three levels. He's built like a linebacker, has exceptional closing speed in pass coverage, lays the wood in tackling and can rush the backfield. That's not the same thing as being a tweener; James is a pure defensive back who just so happens to do everything, and well. Put it this way: If there was one player I was drafting to build a defense around, it would be Derwin James.

Speaking of Derwin could he lead FSU in sacks this season?

Go In-depth with 5-star signee, Khalan Laborn.

You just can’t replace Dalvin Cook; so FSU is going to try to.

25 facts about the top 25 teams in America.

100 reasons why we need college football back now.


MJ Walker has signed with FSU; he’s the type of player that could change the outlook on FSU’s 2017-18 season.

Recent FSU commit Jashaun Corbin says that FSU is getting 4 players in one.

Two teams still on top for Patrick Surtain Jr. (VIP)

FSU has offered another 4-star defensive tackle out of Texas:

The highly underrated (in my opinion) Amari Gainer is set to commit on Friday and FSU is the odds-on favorite. Check out his spring game highlights.

Other Sports:

Jackson Lueck is on fire as FSU walked it off vs Notre Dame in the opening game of the ACC Baseball tournament.

Older, Wiser, Better; FSU Track & Field is ready for NCAAs.


Jameis Winston made his debut on the NFL’s annual top 100 players list composed by NFL player coming in at No. 57.

Kelvin Benjamin is catching flack because of six second video; since when have people on the internet been known to evaluate video clips without context? (heavy sarcasm)