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FSU baseball regional, super-regional opponents announced

Not easy— but not unfair.


The Florida State baseball program found out on Sunday night that it would yet again be hosting a regional tournament—but just whom it would host remained unclear. Until today, when the entirety of the NCAA Tournament field was announced.

The Seminoles will obviously serve as the No. 1 seed in Tallahassee, and will open play against No. 4 seed Tennessee Tech. Also in town will be No. 2 seed Central Florida and No. 3 seed Auburn.

But what most ’Nole fans were interested in was FSU’s super-regional pairing, as Florida State had been shipped to Gainesville in each of the last couple of seasons and the Gators are once again a national seed. The committee mixed things up a bit this time around, however, as the Tallahassee regional is matched up with the Lubbock, Texas regional, which is being hosted by the Texas Tech Red Raiders, the No. 5 overall seed in the country. So the ’Noles will likely head west instead of east this time around, if they take care of business. The other teams in the Lubbock regional are No. 2 Arizona, No. 3 Sam Houston State, and No. 4 Delaware.