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Product Review: NIMA Florida State Seminoles Mini Bluetooth Helmet Speaker

A perfect gift for your Seminoles loving friend or family member.

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NIMA Florida State Seminoles Mini Bluetooth Helmet Speaker

Father’s Day is right around the corner and if you still haven’t gotten your Florida State fan father figure a gift, check out this product.

The folks over at NIMA have a portable wireless bluetooth speaker that resembles a Florida State football helmet. Pretty cool, right?

If you’re worried about how large or small the NCAA licensed product is, there is no reason to worry as the NIMA bluetooth speaker helmet comes in three sizes. The small is perfect for your desk at home and easy to bring elsewhere at under two pounds, medium the size for an outdoor party or get together and a large, full-sized helmet, perfect for your next Florida State football tailgate.

The speakers have a range of 65 feet, last for as long as 10 hours and are compatible with your tablet, computers and phones. If you happen to have two speakers, you are able to sync them up with each other to create a surround sound effect.

Included alongside the helmet speaker in the box comes a USB cable, AUX cable, mobile app access to control the device on your phone (You can also control it through buttons on the back) and an instruction manual.

NIMA provided myself and David Visser with a small version of the Florida State Bluetooth Helmet Speaker to use and try out. Below we give you our true and unbiased opinions.


Aesthetically, the speaker helmet has a really nice design and looked perfect on my nightstand. Within 10 seconds of turning it on for the first time, my phone was synced and the music was playing out of the speaker. Even when turning it off, and back on, the device synced and was playing music from my phone almost immediately. The whole set up took less than a minute before I knew what every button did and how to properly use the device. If you don’t want to use bluetooth, there is a USB or AUX plug that you can use as an alternative. The quality of the sound is exactly what you’d expect for the price point, which is no knock to the system at all. As for the volume, the system gets loud enough, but not any louder. I’d say it was slightly above average and am pleased with the level, however do wish it could be a little louder. I don’t know if it’s just me or factual, but the max volume seemed to be lower with the USB and AUX cord connected to phone phone as opposed from using the bluetooth. All in all, it was a great product that I will continue to use going forward as my main wireless speaker.


Before I even turned the speaker on, I was impressed. Nima accurately represents the most recent iteration of the iconic FSU spear, and the color scheme accurately reflects true garnet-- not red or purple, as any Florida State fan can attest has been far too prevalent in merchandise over the years. The control panel is simple, intuitive, and hidden nicely on the back of the helmet. Given its sharp appearance, fans will certainly want to display the piece even while it's not in use, and to that end, the small non-slip, no-scratch rubber feat are quite functional.

But to the real question: how does it sound? This is a diminutive speaker-- but the sound is far from small. The volume is impressive, as is the sound depth, which is more than what you think you'd get for the price.

If you’d like to purchase the device for yourself or for someone else, you can click this link.

To find out more about NIMA, you can click here.