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FSU podcast: Bye Baseball, hello football, and recruiting

What is up with FSU’s receiver recruiting?

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Capitol One Orange Bowl - Florida State v Michigan Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith return with another episode of the Nolecast.

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Listen here on the website, or click for a separate link.

We lead off with a lot of baseball talk, as FSU wrapped up a strong season with a trip to Omaha.

Football talk starts at the 14-minute mark, and a ton of readers had a question about receiver recruiting, Tampa recruiting, and coach Lawrence Dawsey. This question from a listener is the one we answered:

Clarens Jarens: Sorry if this is long winded but, after the recent commitment of Warren Thompson to Oregon, I was wondering what exactly is the problem with our WR situation, not only from a recruiting point (seeing as how we've missed on a lot more of our #1 targets than we've landed) but also from a developmental standpoint, we've only had 2 WRs drafted since Jimbo arrived compared to Clemson's army of 1st rounders like Mike Williams, Sammy and Hopkins (not to mention Martavius Bryant, Adam Humphreys (Bucs) and Jaron Brown (Arizona) and also from a scouting standpoint, it seems as if the WRs we target don't really end up as high draft picks (ie Coley and malachi Dupre (7th rounders). Do we need new coaching? a new set of eyes at that position? another voice in the locker room? What do you guys think is the main problem?

After that we hit on a number of interesting topics suggested by the listeners.