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Hard Knocks Episode 3: Jameis, Jameis, Jameis

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Tampa Bay’s franchise quarterback continues to be a star on HBO’s documentary series

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In the two weeks since Hard Knocks premiered Jameis Winston’s jersey has gotten a big boost in sales, jumping from No. 66 to No. 31.

With the latest episode in the season, it’s not hard to see why. The dynamic personality that he revealed while at Florida State has been on full display for a national audience, and no episode emphasized it more than the third.

  • Let’s start thing off with a JAMEIS WINSTON TRAINING MONTAGE.

We see Winston doing some workouts, most of which made me tired just watching. Him throwing a football holding a weight was actually one of the funnier things I’ve seen, until he started getting a medicine ball thrown at him while throwing passes. I’m not the leading passer in Tampa Bay history, so I won’t call it overkill, but I will definitely call it absolutely hilarious.

  • Find somebody who looks at you like Jon Gruden looks at Jameis Winston.

Gruden, along with Rex Ryan and several other Monday Night Football staffers, sat down with Winston, Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson and others in anticipation of the Bucs’ matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week.


Making up for that, though is when Rex Ryan launched into a diatribe about how special Winston is, ending it with, “I never had a quarterback like you, you know what I mean? So I’m pissed off.”

“You’re pissed? I’ve got to live in Tampa,” was Gruden’s reply. “I’ve got 3 or 4 kids in Jameis Winston jerseys.”

  • The next highlight came from a discussion amongst the quarterbacks about goats. Fourth-string quarterback Sefo Liufau mentions a girl he knows with some, and Winston’s first response is that she must be rich.

“You got goats, you got money. I’m from Alabama, if you’ve got some cattle you’re rich. How many people you know in California got goats?”

Liufau then mentions that you can rescue goats, which is extremely amusing to Winston

“Leading some goats down a mountain like a shepard. You serious? You can rescue goats?”

After Liufau clarifies that they’re rescuing goats from slaughterhouses, Winston replies, “I was about to say, they’re really rich if they’re rescuing goats like dogs.”

  • During a combined practice with Jaguars, we saw more of angry-teammate-Jameis when he berated third-string running back Peyton Barbers for his effort. With how careful Winston is with his words on the show sometimes, seeing this side is always an adventure.

“Ay Peyton, don’t be going through the hole on some soft shit no more. Bring the noise, no, no, no listen to me, it’s another team. Bring the noise, look me in the eyes. We need to win, ain’t gonna take it easy on nobody.”

Afterwards, Liufau starts to say, “Hey I understand it’s not worth it..”

An incredulous Winston replies, “It is worth it, Sefo. It’s win or lose. We got to win.”

  • After a poor offensive practice, we get a quick little Jameis Winston information sesh with DeSean Jackson and rookie running back Jeremy Nichols, breaking down plays in a hotel room.
  • The Ryan Fitzpatrick-Winston dynamic is explored a little bit more this episode, with a few of their one-on-one conversations highlighted.

“You said Muhammed Ali is one of your biggest inspirations? When you talk, when you break down, I can just feel, when you break down the huddle, that you’ve seen a lot of his stuff.”

The show then immediately cuts to an emphatic Winston hyping up the team before practice.

“Today is a day to get better, and more importantly, today is a day to beat up somebody else that ain’t us. I love that feeling when we compete against another squaaad. Let’s make sure we protect our squad, let’s make sure we stick together as a family, we ain’t taking it easy on nobody, alright?”

  • That has nothing on Winston’s pregame breakdown with the quarterbacks and centers:

1, 2, 3 and the 4

1, 2, 3 and the 4

The Bucs Q’s and C’s coming out that door

The Bucs Q’s and C’s coming out that door

Now we don’t know how to do these rhymes

Now we don’t know how to do these rhymes

We know about pancake blocks and throwing dimes

We know about pancake blocks and throwing dimes

Now the time has come for us to compete

Now the time has come for us to compete

Now we got to do it one way, one way one heartbeat

Now we got to do it one way, one way one heartbeat

Let’s go out there and have a great day

Let’s go out there and have a great day

And let’s go kick some Jag ass Tampa Bay

And let’s go kick some Jag ass Tampa Bay

  • And then that has nothing on Winston’s actual pregame speech, which already made its initial rounds on the internet last week:

“I’m gonna keep it short and sweet, right now I’m wasting my time. I’ve been practicing against these guys all week. I can’t rewind it, I can’t rewind that time, this is the only time to show what we got, this the only time we got to beat them boys, i can’t rewind it, I hope you heard me the first time, do not rewind tonight. Do not rewind tonight, do not put that shit in slow motion, alright? Come with it, come hard, and let’s finish they ass.”

  • Towards the end of the first half Winston throws up a ball that, without context, may have been one of his worst throws ever. With defenders ripping at his facemask, he might’ve thought he had a free play, but he just throws up a ball for somebody to catch.

The throw is just as peak Jameis as any other ridiculous throw he’s actually made, and such is life when you have him under center. If he completes it, it’s another ridiculous Winston highlight. Though the interception is erased after Winston’s declared down Dirk Koetter still tears into him on the sideline, and he takes the criticism from Koetter just as he used to take Jimbo lashings that were 100 times worse.

The immediate aftermath is great editing from HBO, as they filter out all other noise when Winston walks through the locker room at halftime, focusing on how annoyed and frustrated he looks with his play.

  • Last but not least, THE CURSE OF ROBERTO AGUAYO CONTINUES. Nick Folk, Aguayo’s replacement, missed an extra point and a field goal against the Jaguars, the latter looking almost exactly similar to Aguayo’s final missed kick with the Bucs.


Three episodes down, two to go.

It’s been a fun ride so far, and just as the Bucs are starting to pull things together, Hard Knocks is getting into a good stride. Tampa Bay has matchups against the Browns and Washington left, and then in the post-episode teaser, we were promised #exclusive insight into the rookie talent show next week.

Personally, I’m just wondering when Bobo Wilson will show up.

As always, if you didn’t get a chance to watch this week, or last week, hit your boy up. I had a hilarious amount of people message me last week for a login, and I’ll continue to bless a few people each week until my service provider realizes that 17 different people are using my account.