2017 Florida State Football Pick Em Contest!!

Ladies and gentleman, we are at that time of year again for another round of college football pick em. Since uncertainty of hosting privileges (caine115 absence), I took it upon myself to create a group. This contest is done purely fun and bragging rights and is not in any way associated with TN, besides hosting the link here.

The basic rules:

A) All top 25 teams and ACC teams should be among those picked each week.

2) All games will have a spread attached to them so we will be picking with the spread in each game. You may find a few games that do not have spreads. Many times when a top 25 team is playing their bought and paid for cupcake game of the season you will not see a spread. Easy win unless you are bold, and fortune favors the bold, but not in this instance.

D) All picks must be in 5 mins prior to kickoff, also, spreads will change over the week so be sure to recheck your picks if you put them in early

4(-8) Please keep your name on the Pick Em sheet the same as on TN so we know who is who

Other than that make sure you register and get friends to register as well

The Group ID#: 8514 - tomahawknation

The password is noles2017

Best of luck!

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