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Hard Knocks, Ep. 4: “At Florida State, we’re competing”

Jameis Winston does Jameis Winston things, Bobo Wilson gets roasted

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For the second to last time, we’re back!

This week, not only did the cameras continue their emphasis on the television star that is Jameis Winston but we finally get to see a little bit of former Florida State reciever Bobo Wilson, though not exactly in the best way.

Let’s get to it.


  • Is there any better way to start off an episode than with Montell Jordan’s hit 1995 single, “This Is How We Do It?”


All this scene did was remind me how bad I wanted a 2013 version of the Seminole Rap. Imagine Jameis, Kenny Shaw, Tevin Smith, Devonta Freeman and Timmy Jernigan spitting mad awkward rhymes. My heart would’ve been so happy.

  • Quick peek at the rookie talent show, where O.J. Howard makes fun of Winston’s “I’m not wasting anytime” speech. They did, however, cut the part where they had a list of the things you’re least likely to see during training camp, which included No. 10 “Roberto making a kick...or the team.”
  • Oh, what’s that? Bobo Wilson wearing a Florida State shirt?

“The mark of a good leader is knowing when to clown around and when to be serious,” is how the narrator kicks off the scene, and fittingly we head to a nice ol’ scene of Jameis getting jiggy at practice, which is followed by Dirk Koetter yelling at him to “not be a smartass.”

“I would never be a smartass coach,” Winston responds in the most smartass way possible, and then, we cut to a bunch of clips of Winston being a good leader. He talks with teammates, gives them advice and critiques and finally, throws a beautiful ball to DeSean Jackson, a preview of what should be coming this season.

(Listen, I’ll take a sidenote here to say that if you have a fantasy draft coming up, snag Jackson in the 5th or 6th round. That man is going to be catching long balls from Winston every Sunday, and will probably get a lot of one-on-one coverage since he’ll be lining up on the opposite side of Mike Evans. Thank me later.)

This segment climaxes with some praise from Tampa Bay’s GM, Jason Licht.

“Jameis is the reason we have DeSean Jackson,” Licht says.” “DeSean turned down more money from other teams to come play with him. Have you seen how much of a leader he is? He’s the best leader I’ve been around, in sports, in anything. He inspires me.”

“After the vetting and interviews we did [in the leadup to drafting Jameis], after we finally drafted him I just closed the door and I lost it. It was a big deal.”


For FSU fans, Allen’s become a recognizable name, seeing as her and Winston have been dating since high school. They retell that story on the show, describing how at a basketball game Winston walked up to her and asked about how she got the scar on her forehead (a biking accident.)

“He couldn’t believe I didn’t ride bikes,” she laughs.

This is followed up by a competitive session on the Pop-A-Shot between the two, where Breezy Boo shows off the fresh ass stroke that got her onto the Rice basketball team.

  • Aaaaaaand here’s Bobo! I asked for it last week, so it’ll be really cool to see him get some airtim...

Oh wait never mind he’s getting yelled at a lot.

He gets repeatedly chewed out by offensive coordinator Todd Monken for his lack of effort in running on the field, criticism that doesn’t phase Wilson, according to Wilson.

“I don’t listen to that, that shit don’t hurt me.

“I’m used to competitng. That’s the problem you don’t want me to compete. I ain’t used to this baby stuff, Florida State we’re competing. Talking about I’m lazy but I’m the one who gets all the reps in one-on-ones.”

We head to a film session, where Bobo’s asked what coverage the defense is running. He says, “three deep” which is followed by another Monken ass chewing.

“You just like to blurt shit out don’t you?”

  • This week in Jameis Winston pregame speech’s:

We already facing adversity because of this rain, but then I got like That’s So Raven, and I remembered we’ve been practicing in the rain our first few days of camp so the time is here, I’m not about to do all that rah rah stuff because I don’t know nobody who let’s somebody walk into their house and take it from them. Nobody’s going to let another man come in their house and take something from them. Take that to heart, this is personal to me, nobody’s going to come into my house and take something from me. What I got right now in my pocket is a W, let’s protect our house. Don’t worry about the rain and all the other circumstances, all we know is ball and ball is life.”

  • Jabrill Peppers picking off Winston is so triggering after the Orange Bowl.
  • What a beautiful throw and catch from Winston to Donteea Dye, it should of absolutely been a touchdown.

I can’t find a video of it at the moment, but my guy definitely falls back into the end zone, hits the pylon and completes the catch.

  • Some more airtime for Bobo Wilson during the preseason matchup against the Browns, though he doesn’t register any stats in the game. He does, however, have a nice block for Peyton Barber, which he makes sure to mention.
  • A good moment at the end of the show where Winston exchanges some words with rookie quarterback Deshone Kizer.

“Hey, patience is the easiest way. All right? Take my word for it because I’m a risk-taker. Have patience. Who you got? You got [Browns] coach [Hue] Jackson. So listen to him. Let him guide you. But patience is the easiest way. Taking that ball down, even though you got that cannon. Listen to me, because they ain’t going to tell you that. You’re spoiled You’re blessed. Do your thing,”


Overall, another good episode and another good look at a Tampa Bay squad expected to improve or equal its 9-7 record last season.

Jameis Winston’s still yet to throw a touchdown in the preseason, but his statline is still impressive for what are glorified scrimmages. He’s posting a 68 percent completion rate to go along with an 82.7 QBR. With only one preseason game left, don’t expect it to change much, especially as starters typically sit out the last one.

We’ll see if Wilson makes the cut for the Buccaneers, who will have to trim down its roster next week from 90 players to 53. He got some praise for his hands and talent this week, but the way that his personality was presented might be an indication of how things will go.

Also, where is Javien Elliot?

Like always, if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch Hard Knocks this week, or any week, all you had to do is ask your boy and hope that a blessing in the form of an HBOGO login is bestowed upon you.