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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show updates/takeaways: Alabama Week

The rundown of Fisher’s call-in show of the season

Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show

The first edition of the 2017 Jimbo Fisher call-in show has come and gone, and now we have little to do but wait for Saturday.

Fisher’s weekly show took place Wednesday, Aug. 31, and he took phone and in-person questions surrounding the team and matchup against Alabama.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the bigger topics:

Cam Akers is confirmed to be playing Saturday: This isn’t exactly huge news, but to hear it confirmed is interesting. Fisher spent some time complimenting Akers and his ability in response to a question about if he and fellow freshman D.J. Matthews would be contributing this season. After saying Akers will play Saturday, Fisher mentioned that Matthews has being dealing with a hamstring injury.

If anything, it’s notable that Akers will see time in the season opener, since as a freshman Dalvin Cook didn’t make an appearance until the second game of the Seminoles’ 2014 and didn’t receive over 15 carries until the sixth game.

No Matthew Thomas questions: Much to commenter’s chagrin, nobody inquired about Thomas’ status for Saturday’s game. However, it was confirmed by Tomahawk Nation during the show by two different sources that Thomas is indeed eligible.

Florida State’s uniforms Saturday will be: plain ol’ normal visitor uniforms.

James Blackman’s been doing extremely well: Blackman’s impressive performance has been one of the most consistent things to emerge from this year’s camp, with Fisher talking up the true freshman when answering a question about backup quarterbacks. He first quickly mentioned J.J. Cosentino before launching into praise of Blackman.

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