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FSU football film review: First quarter vs. NC State

After a short hiatus, film review returns!

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to our weekly film review sessions of Florida State’s 2017 season. Every play broken down, with video and analysis.

As always, this content is best viewed on a computer or tablet, not on a phone.

After a long break due to Hurricane Irma, the Florida State Seminoles returned to Doak Campbell Stadium to face the NC State Wolfpack.

With a true freshman quarterback making his first career start, the ’Noles suffered yet another loss in the young 2017 season. NC State won the game 27-21, but James Blackman showed a lot of promise in the matchup, as I’m sure you’ll see in the film review below.

As expected, FSU’s offensive attack was sluggish to begin the game. After several weeks off, Blackman needed a few drives before he was able to get into a rhythm.

Defensively, the rust really showed early on. Although FSU boasts many four and five-star players on defense, the Wolfpack were able to catch the Seminoles out of position on multiple occasions. This would become a theme of the matchup as the day rolled on.

FSU vs NC State - 1st Quarter

D-D At Formation Play Analysis
D-D At Formation Play Analysis
Bambard, K. kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
FSU drive start at 15:00
Blackman, J at QB for Florida State.
1-10 FSU25 11 Pistol Blackman, J wide receiver screen right pass complete to Murray, N for 4 yards to the FS29 (Boone, S.), clock 14:37. Flat route off a 3 step drop, delivered accurately. Tate misses the cut block or this would have went for much more.
2-6 FSU29 21 Gun Patrick, J rush over right guard for no gain to the FS29 (Moore, A.;Nichols, D.), clock 14:07. Counter to the boundary. Chubb gets upfield and collisions Dickerson, forcing him to log and knocks Izzo off his track. That messes up the timing and allows the backside LB to come all the way across and make the play
3-6 FSU29 PENALTY FS false start (Kelly, D) 5 yards to the FS24, clock 13:54. Blackman pointing to himself and it appears he messed up the snap count.
3-11 FSU24 11 Gun Blackman, J sacked for loss of 3 yards to the FS21 (Jones, J.), clock 13:08. NCST shows blitz but drops into man coverage and rushes 4. Blackman steps up into the pocket but it appears he has no one open to right side. Minshew can't maintain his block as Jones sheds him and makes the sack.
4-14 FSU21 Tyler, L punt 43 yards to the ST36, downed.
Drive: 3 plays, -4 yards, 02:17 TOP
NC STATE drive start at 12:43.
Finley, R. at QB for NC State.
1-10 ST36 34 Hines, N. rush over right end for 4 yards to the ST40 (Hoskins, R), clock 12:18. NCST puts the formation into the boundary and runs Outside Zone lead to the field and the B gap bubble. NCST combos Nnadi and Christmas with reach blocks before working up to the backers. Burns crashes hard from the backside as Hoskins fills on the front side minimize the gain.
2-6 ST40 34 Finley, R. slant pass incomplete to Harmon, K. (McFadden, T), clock 12:03. NCST tries to hit the backside receive quick in the short curl area. McFadden makes a nice break on the ball froce the incompletion.
3-6 ST40 4-0-7 Finley, R. deep out pass complete to Riley, C.J. for 12 yards to the FS48, 1ST DOWN ST (Nasirildeen, H), clock 11:47. FSU will rush 4 including Derwin and wrap Burns inside on an oddly timed delayed rush. NCST uses a yo-yo motion to confirm it's man coverage then hits the #3 WR on an out route at the sticks vs a true freshman. NCST picked up the rush well. Hamsah is playing off and inside so it's a tough ask to play the out vs an accurate QB whose strength is getting it out on time to the short and intermediate areas. Jimbo mentioned in his coaching show that it's important to get low hipped when you're playing man under.
1-10 FS48 34 Finley, R. shovel pass pass complete to Samuels, J. for 7 yards to the FS41, out-of-bounds, clock 11:30. NCST fakes the jet to the boundary and flips the shovel underneath with the guard pulling and leading. McFadden has his WR split tight and should be alerted to the crack but inexcusably gets sucked inside as Samuels takes the ball and gets the edge.
2-3 FS41 4-1-6 Finley, R. slant pass complete to Hines, N. for 8 yards to the FS33, 1ST DOWN ST, clock 10:59. NCST aligns Empty formation in boundary then motions to 2x2 with a back. FSU blitzes Marshall from the boundary vs the Slant RPO from NCST. NCST ran this play numerous times last year. The blitz from FSU gives an atuomatic pull and throw read as Finley hits the backside #2 WR who's match up on a safety playing 7 yards off.
1-10 FS33 34 Samuels, J. rush left for loss of 6 yards to the FS39 (Sweat, J), PENALTY ST holding declined, clock 10:31. NCST trades their RT to the left side and runs outside zone that way. Thomas blitzes throught the A gap and forces the back to push outside where Sweat has blown up the tackle inot the track of the ball carrier.
2-16 FS39 4-2-5 Finley, R. middle right pass complete to Samuels, J. for 3 yards to the FS36 (Hoskins, R), clock 09:52. Play action boot off of jet as they leak the H back into the flat from the backside of the formation. Really good awareness by Hoskins to find it and finish with some physicality.
3-13 FS36 4-1-6 Finley, R. wide receiver screen left pass complete to Samuels, J. for 27 yards to the FS9, 1ST DOWN ST, out-of-bounds (James, D), clock 09:23. Motion to trips and NCST runs a screen to the #2 WR. FSU rushes four and plays zone so they should be in a good spot to defend this but Westbrook is late to react and inexcusably dips inside the block of two different downfield lineman, creating a huge lane.
1-G FS09 34 Hines, N. rush over left end for 3 yards to the FS6 (Hoskins, R;James, D), clock 08:42. Outside zone lead to the boundary. FSU covers everyone up to the playside and Hoskins is able to fill freely because the lead blocker for NCST makes the wrong read and goes outside.
2-G FS06 34 Finley, R. sideline pass incomplete to Chubb, B., QB hurry by Sweat, J, clock 08:17. FSU rushes 3 and plays zone behind it. They appear to have everyone covered up and Christmas does a good job mainitaing leverage on Finley as he leaves the pocket and is forced to throw it away.
3-G FS06 4-1-6 Finley, R. crossing pass incomplete to Riley, C.J., clock 08:13. FSU sends 5 and Burns gets a great jump on the ball. FSU in man and NCST tries to run a pick play but Finley is forced to get the ball out before the play develops due to the pressure.
Wise, C. field goal attempt from 24 GOOD, clock 08:09.
Drive: 12 plays, 58 yards, 04:34 TOP
Bambard, K. kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 08:09.
1-10 FS25 11 Pistol Blackman, J deep in pass incomplete to Tate, A, clock 08:03. FSU runs a play action boot but NCST has a blitz called that frees up the backside DT and creates pressure right away. Blackman is able to step up and avoid it but forces a ball to Tate on the backside that is way off.
2-10 FS25 12 Gun Blackman, J sideline pass incomplete to Tate, A, clock 07:59. Tate has 1on1 coverage on the outside but Blackman overthrows it. The freshman is a little amped up to start the game.
3-10 FS25 10 Gun Blackman, J slant pass incomplete to Murray, N, QB hurry by Moore, A.. FSU has the tunnel screen dialed up but a timely Fire Zone by NCST drops an end into coverage and messes up the tining of the screen.
4-10 FS25 Tyler, L punt 51 yards to the ST24, fair catch by Hines, N..
Drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, 0:21 TOP
NC STATE drive start at 07:48.
1-10 ST24 34 Samuels, J. fly route pass complete to Parham, D. for 25 yards to the ST49, 1ST DOWN ST, clock 07:32. HB pass to the boundary off Outside Zone lead. Jimbo said McFadden eye violated here and the H back runs right by him. Luckily for FSU it's a bad throw or this is a much bigger gain.
1-10 ST49 4-2-5 Hines, N. rush over left tackle for 4 yards to the FS47 (Sweat, J;Burns, B), clock 06:55. NCST motions the H back into the box and runs Outside Zone lead to the B gap bubble. FSU has adjusted by playing a 2i over the guard but Fred Jones is unable to get his hands on the guard and the center reaches him. The H back leads inside the B gap and NCST has this blocked up well if not for the great hustle and pursuit from Burns on the backside.
2-6 FS47 34 Finley, R. throw away pass incomplete, PENALTY FS personal foul (Burns, B) 15 yards to the FS32, 1ST DOWN ST, NO PLAY, clock 06:45. NCST has a screen called to both sides of the field. Finley pumps to the field and tries to come back to the boundary but the WR is blocking instead of looking for the ball. It's a broken play and NCST is bailed out by a bad roughing the passer penalty.
1-10 FS32 34 Hines, N. rush over right end for loss of 2 yards to the FS34 (Nnadi, D), clock 06:22. Outside Zone lead again. This time NCST runs it to the strength of the formation and FSU has an extra defender on the edge. FSU slants weak and Pugh and Sweat are able to play the reach blocks and turn the ball back inside where Nnadi finishes in pursuit.
2-12 FS34 4-1-6 Finley, R. slant pass complete to Harmon, K. for 16 yards to the FS18, 1ST DOWN ST (James, D;Burns, B), clock 05:51. NCST aligns 2x2 and motions the #2 WR from the field into the boundary. Jimbo said this was on Meyers. He chases the RB to the flat rather than taking the WR who comes into his zone.
1-10 FS18 4-1-6 Hines, N. rush over right end for 3 yards to the FS15 (Meyers, K), clock 05:31. NCST goes tempo as FSU has dime personnel on the field. Any guesses on the run play? Outside Zone lead. FSU only has 5 in the box, Christmas is reached at the 3 tech and NCST has it blocked up as the H Back leads through the B gap. Meyers makes a good play to aggressively fill from his position outside the hash to keep this from being a much bigger gain.
2-7 FS15 4-1-6 Hines, N. rush toss sweep left for 12 yards to the FS3, 1ST DOWN ST, out-of-bounds (James, D), clock 04:55. Same personnel on the field, FSU decides to blitz and play single high man vs a trips closed formation. NCST checks to the sideline and audibles to a HB pitch to the field where they've got a hat on a hat. Meyers, Taylor and McFadden are unable to defeat their blocks.
1-G FS03 34 Hines, N. rush over right end for no gain to the FS3 (Nnadi, D), clock 04:25. Outside Zone. Sweat gets some penetration and causes the HB to come slightly off his track which is just enough as Nnadi makes a nice play coming inside out and defeating a reach block.
2-G FS03 34 Finley, R. sideline pass incomplete to Samuels, J., clock 04:00. NCST trades to unblanced and runs a PA boot to the weakside. The HB back has Hoskins slightly out-leveraged on the flat route but Finley's pass is just out of reach.
3-G FS03 34 Samuels, J. rush draw play for 1 yard to the FS2 (Thomas, A;Nnadi, D), clock 03:28. Wildcat with Samuels and NCST runs split zone. Nnadi makes the play as he beats the scoop block on the backside, holds his ground and sheds to make the tackle.
4-G FS02 34 Samuels, J. rush over right end for 2 yards to the FS0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:20. NCST lines up the guard over the ball and then shifts the entire OL to the right just before the snap. The FSU front appears to shift with it but Jimbo said they needed to shift one gap further. The HB makes a great play to stretch and get the ball across.
Wise, C. kick attempt good.
NCST 10, FSU 0
Drive: 10 plays, 76 yards, 04:28 TOP
Bambard, K. kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
Florida State drive start at 03:20
1-10 FS25 21 Gun Akers, C rush left for 14 yards to the FS39, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds, clock 03:10. Outside zone lead to the weakside of the formation. Kelly can't get the DE reached so he wisely drives him outside and Akers makes the right cut inside of him. Great job by Dickerson to get up to the second level and get on the playside linebacker and give Akers a lane.
1-10 FS39 12 Pistol Akers, C rush right for 16 yards to the ST45, 1ST DOWN FS (Pratt, G.;McCloud, N.), clock 02:12. Inside zone to the boundary and Akers immediately hits the cutback. The NCST safety is rolled up and tries to shoot the gap on the backside but Tate is able to get just enough to spring Akers.
1-10 ST45 10 Gun Blackman, J sideline pass complete to Murray, N for 2 yards to the ST43, out-of-bounds (Kidd-Glass, T.), clock 01:48. Inside zone RPO with the tackle folding to lead. Blackman pulls and throws the flat route. NCST in single high with a cover down on the bubble. Blackman needed to give this ball as it appears they had the numbers for the run.
2-8 ST43 PENALTY FS false start (Kelly, D) 5 yards to the ST48, clock 01:33.
2-13 ST48 21 Gun Blackman, J sideline pass complete to Tate, A for 12 yards to the ST36, out-of-bounds (Morehead, J.), clock 00:59. Pre-snap Power RPO with the bubble. Blackman makes the right decision and gets the ball to Tate. Really nice job by Gavin to chip the corner and then come off and block the safety to spring Tate.
3-1 ST36 22 I-form Akers, C rush up middle for loss of 2 yards to the ST38 (Morehead, J.;Fernandez, J.), clock 00:13. FSU runs their Zone Extra play, has it blocked up well but Akers inexcusably cuts back and tries to get outside the backside defender rather than sticking his foot in the ground and picking up the first.