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FSU football film review: Third quarter vs NC State

Blackman continues to make great throws

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to our weekly film review sessions of Florida State’s 2017 season. Every play broken down, with video and analysis.

As always, this content is best viewed on a computer or tablet, not on a phone.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long into the third quarter that FSU lost Auden Tate with injury. After a long deep ball from James Blackman, Tate fell awkwardly on his shoulder and was forced to leave the game.

In his absence, George Campbell made a few good plays but the passing game wasn’t able to replicate the success they were having with Tate out there. His absence from any future contests moving forward will play a huge part in how the season plays out for Florida State.

FSU vs NC State - 3rd Quarter

D-D At Formation Play Analysis
D-D At Formation Play Analysis
Tyler, L kickoff 65 yards to the ST0, Hines, N. return 21 yards to the ST21 (Westbrook, A), clock 14:54.
NC STATE drive start at 14:54
Finley, R. at QB for NC State.
1-10 ST21 3-4 Hines, N. rush left for loss of 1 yard to the ST20 (Thomas, A;Nnadi, D), clock 14:32. FSU opens in its 3-4 look with Pugh and Burns and the OLBs. Burns does a nice job of setting the edge, which allows for Thomas and Nnadi to make the stop.
2-11 ST20 3-4 Finley, R. wide receiver screen right pass complete to Samuels, J. for 3 yards to the ST23 (Hoskins, R;Sweat, J), clock 13:57. Screen all the way. Pugh drops back into coverage and does a nice job of getting past the blockers. Good hustle by Sweat to track this play down.
3-8 ST23 4-0-7 Finley, R. deep out pass incomplete to Riley, C.J. (James, D), clock 13:36. McFadden comes on the corner blitz. James fakes the blitz, but has man coverage on the slot receiver. Looks like he got a hand in there to disrupt the pass.
4-8 ST23 Cole, A.J. punt 47 yards to the FS30, McFadden, T return 7 yards to the FS37 (Morrison, S.).
Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, 01:23 TOP Good defense. Great way to come out of halftime.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 13:31.
FS37 Blackman, J at QB for Florida State.
1-10 FS37 21 I Blackman, J wide receiver screen left pass incomplete to Murray, N, clock 13:27. Screen to Murray, but Blackman puts this ball way too high. Shame, as Tate and Izzo had blocks sealed already.
2-10 FS37 12 Pistol Blackman, J post pass complete to Tate, A for 51 yards to the ST12, 1ST DOWN FS (McCloud, N.), PENALTY ST personal foul (Chubb, B.) 6 yards to the ST6, clock 13:19. Play action and NCSU brings a five man blitz. Jimbo said on his coaching show that Blackman did a good job of reading this one all the way through. Murray is the first read, but he's covered so Blackman chucks it deep to Tate. Beautiful throw and catch, but unfortunately this is the play where Tate injures his shoulder. Excellent blocks by Izzo and Patrick as well.
1-G ST06 12 Gun Blackman, J sideline pass complete to Gavin, K for 2 yards to the ST4 (Morehead, J.), clock 12:48. Pre-snap RPO, and Blackman does a good job of reading the numbers in the box and flipping it outside to Gavin. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any blocks and only gets a short gain.
2-G ST04 12 Pistol Akers, C rush up middle for no gain to the ST4 (Chubb, B.), clock 12:16. Chubb is left unblocked and Leonard gets beat, leading to an easy tackle for no gain. Jimbo mentioned on his coaching show that Akers slipped on this play.
3-G ST04 12 Gun Blackman, J rush quarterback scramble for no gain to the ST4 (Fernandez, J.;Hill, B.J.), PENALTY FS personal foul (Dickerson, L) 15 yards to the ST19, clock 11:46. Saunders and Izzo have out routes, and Saunders gets a clean release and is open in the end zone. Blackman feels the pressure and scrambles from a clean pocket. In high school, he probably scores here but not in college. Jimbo mentioned that it was smart of him not to make a stupid decision.
4-G ST19 Aguayo, R field goal attempt from 36 GOOD, clock 11:33.
NCST 17, FSU 13
Drive: 6 plays, 44 yards, 01:58 TOP Solid drive, but have to capitalize in the red zone.
Tyler, L kickoff 65 yards to the ST0, touchback.
NC STATE drive start at 11:33.
1-10 ST25 3-4 Finley, R. screen pass complete to Samuels, J. for 2 yards to the ST27, out-of-bounds (Hoskins, R), PENALTY ST holding (Louis, S.) 10 yards to the ST17, clock 11:15. Cover-3 look. NCSU is setting up a screen with OL downfield. Good pressure by Sweat to force an early throw. Pugh fights off a blocker, but is held.
1-18 ST17 3-4 Hines, N. rush up middle for 2 yards to the ST19 (Aime, W;Hoskins, R). Motion by NCSU brings Marshall back to the deep middle. Hoskins does a nice job of shifting through traffic to make the stop. Senior linebacker making plays.
2-16 ST19 3-4 Finley, R. slant pass complete to Meyers, J. for 7 yards to the ST26 (Pugh, J), clock 09:59. FSU brings three and Joshua Kaindoh drops into coverage. Meyers gets a free release at the LOS, but is tracked down by Pugh and Hoskins.
3-9 ST26 4-0-7 Finley, R. fly route pass complete to Meyers, J. for 23 yards to the ST49, 1ST DOWN ST (Andrews, N), clock 09:37. NCSU WR fakes the screen, which gives Meyers a free release down the sidelines. Andrews is playing way too far off and has to press his man here. Lane also hilariously misses a tackle.
1-10 ST49 3-4 Hines, N. rush right for 3 yards to the FS48 (Marshall, T), clock 09:03. Well played by FSU. Hines dances in the backfield for a split second too long, which allows Adonis Thomas to slow him down before Marshall finishes the play.
2-7 FS48 3-4 Samuels, J. rush over right guard for 6 yards to the FS42 (Hoskins, R), clock 08:26. Nnadi is double teamed up front, opening up a big hole. Wilkerson can't beat off his blocker to make the stop.
3-1 FS42 3-4 Finley, R. slant pass intercepted by James, D at the FS39, James, D return to the FS39, PENALTY FS pass interference (McFadden, T) 3 yards to the FS39, 1ST DOWN ST, NO PLAY, clock 08:13. McFadden probably makes contact a little too early on this play, which draws the pass interference call. It's really close though, and could have been called either way. Unfortunate, because it wipes off an incredible interception by James.
1-10 FS39 3-4 Gallaspy, R. rush up middle for no gain to the FS39 (Hoskins, R;Pugh, J), PENALTY FS offside defense (Hoskins, R) 5 yards to the FS34, NO PLAY, clock 08:00. Pugh is just a hair offsides at the snap, which wipes out a nice stop by Hoskins and Thomas. Got to time these better.
1-5 FS34 3-4 Gallaspy, R. rush over right end for 30 yards to the FS4, 1ST DOWN ST, out-of-bounds (Marshall, T), clock 07:37. Well blocked by NCSU. Fred Jones takes the backside of the block, instead of the front side which opens up a hole for the RB. McFadden and Thomas can't get off blocks to make the tackle and the RB gets a big gain.
1-G FS04 3-4 Gallaspy, R. rush over right tackle for loss of 1 yard to the FS5 (Pugh, J), clock 07:08. Great initial push from Jones and Burns, which allows Pugh to come up and make the tackle for loss.
2-G FS05 3-4 Hines, N. rush over right tackle for 2 yards to the FS3 (Marshall, T;Hoskins, R), clock 06:24. NCSU fakes the jet sweep to Samuels. Great push from Aime and Jones to get distruption in the backfield. One false step from the RB and Hoskins is there to make the stop.
3-G FS03 3-4 Meyers, J. sacked for loss of 9 yards to the FS12 (Christmas, D), PENALTY ST intentional grounding (Meyers, J.) 0 yards to the FS12. NCSU gets tricky with the receiver pass, but FSU has good coverage across the board and he has no one to throw to. Christmas gets the sack and forces the WR to commit intentional grounding. Good defense.
4-G FS12 Wise, C. field goal attempt from 30 GOOD, clock 06:06.
NCST 20, FSU 13 Unfortunate that the INT was wiped off the board. Defense continues to be good in the red zone.
Drive: 11 plays, 63 yards, 05:27 TOP
Bambard, K. kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 06:06.
1-10 FS25 11 Pistol Patrick, J rush left for 14 yards to the FS39, 1ST DOWN FS (Pratt, G.), clock 05:50. Counter with Minshew and Izzo as the lead blockers. Minshew gets a little tied up with who he's supposed to be blocking, but Patrick bounces to the outside for a nice gain. Good run.
1-10 FS39 11 Pistol Patrick, J rush over right tackle for 1 yard to the FS40 (Bryant, E.;Moore, A.), clock 05:17. Power with Dickerson as the pulling blocker. Eberle gets pushed into the backfield and NCSU has this run blown up. Patrick gets something out of nothing.
2-9 FS40 Timeout Florida State, clock 04:59. Keith Gavin is not lined up correctly and Jimbo has to burn a timeout. More mistakes by the receivers.
2-9 FS40 12 Gun Blackman, J middle pass incomplete to Izzo, R, dropped pass, clock 04:50. Easy in route by Izzo, intended to get easy yards. But he drops it. Can't miss these layups. Looks like he got smacked in the head pretty good as well.
3-9 FS40 11 Gun Blackman, J deep pass incomplete to Gavin, K, clock 04:43. Blackman drops the snap from Eberle (good snap, QB at fault). He took his eyes off the ball, but knew there was a blitz coming and he had a 1-on-1 with Gavin on the outside. Good throw, but just a hair out of bounds.
4-9 FS40 Tyler, L punt 41 yards to the ST19, fair catch by Hines, N..
Drive: 4 plays, 15 yards, 01:29 TOP Few good plays, but can't have that mistake on third down.
NC STATE drive start at 04:37.
1-10 ST19 3-4 Samuels, J. rush right for 8 yards to the ST27 (Lane, E), clock 04:08. Good blocking by NCSU. OG is able to get to the second level to get a block on Pugh. Nice to see Janarius Robinson give good pursuit to track this run down.
2-2 ST27 3-4 Finley, R. middle left pass complete to Meyers, J. for 4 yards to the ST31, 1ST DOWN ST, clock 03:45. Play action sucks Pugh inside just a little too much, which allows the WR to sit down just beyond the chains for the first down.
1-10 ST31 3-4 Locklear, G. deep pass incomplete to Hines, N., PENALTY FS personal foul (Pugh, J) 15 yards to the ST46, 1ST DOWN ST, NO PLAY. Double pass and Pugh plays this perfectly, getting his hands up to disrupt the throw. Unfortunately, he technically commits targeting by getting a hit to the head of a defenseless player. But the refs on the field didn't even throw the flag, meaning they didn't think it was targeting at first either. Really unfortunate, as Pugh's intent was to break up the pass, not to hit the player's helmet.
1-10 ST46 4-2-5 Hines, N. rush right for loss of 1 yard to the ST45 (Rice, E;Nnadi, D), clock 03:08. Great initial push by Nnadi and Christmas. Rice comes in like a missile to make the stop.
2-11 ST45 4-2-5 Finley, R. deep pass incomplete to Hines, N., clock 02:48. Man coverage and Rice does a nice job of following the RB down the field. Throw is too far out of bounds, though.
3-11 ST45 4-1-6 Finley, R. screen pass complete to Samuels, J. for 5 yards to the 50 yardline, out-of-bounds (James, D), clock 02:41. Screen, as NCSU is attempting to get at least something on third and long. Meyers does a good job of reading and reacting to slow down the play.
4-6 ST50 Cole, A.J. punt 41 yards to the FS9, McFadden, T return 3 yards to the FS12 (Hines, N.), PENALTY FS offside defense declined.
Drive: 5 plays, 31 yards, 02:23 TOP Good defense, but you lose Jacob Pugh who was playing a great game.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 02:14.
1-10 FS12 21 Pistol Akers, C rush right for 14 yards to the FS26, 1ST DOWN FS (Morehead, J.), clock 02:00. Outside zone, and Leonard, Campbell and Vickers all get good blocks to spring Akers free.
1-10 FS26 21 Pistol Akers, C rush left for 3 yards to the FS29 (Fernandez, J.), clock 01:27. Counter with Minshew and Vickers as the lead blockers. Minshew blocks the DE, but leaves Vickers with a 2-on-1 situation. Vickers somehow manages to block neither defender and Akers gets a short gain.
2-7 FS29 11 Gun Blackman, J deep pass complete to Campbell, G for 60 yards to the ST11, 1ST DOWN FS (Morehead, J.), clock 00:55. Go route from Campbell and Blackman is going this way from the snap. This throw from Blackman is gorgeous and hits Campbell in stride. Campbell fights off his hand and gets a lot of yards after catch. Great play all around.
1-10 ST11 21 Pony Blackman, J sacked for loss of 5 yards to the ST16 (Hill, B.J.), clock 00:10. Play action, and it seems like there is a miscommunication between Blackman and Gavin on the route. Blackman wants to throw to Gavin, but pulls it and takes the sack. Probably better to eat this one rather than making a costly mistake.