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Landon Dickerson has faith in new FSU quarterback James Blackman’s game

Add Landon Dickerson to the list of players who have come out in support of James Blackman’s capabilities.

The sophomore offensive lineman was pressed on what Blackman brings to the table when he addressed the media Monday and his words form a strong argument in Blackman’s favor.

“He does a great job...the way he talks can make everyone else go on with him,” Dickerson said. “He’s motivated, he’s always positive and he’s trying to bring people with him. He wants to motivate others...he’s always had a really supportive mindset and I respect that.”

Added Dickerson: “Things are going to go a little faster than he wanted, but I think if he can step up, take this role and go with it, I think he has potential to be a really good player.”

For more on what Dickerson said about the Alabama game and the offensive line, check out the full video below.

Freshman Landon Dickerson wasn't as pleased with his fellow Florida State Seminoles Football offensive linemen as Jimbo Fisher was.

Posted by on Monday, September 4, 2017