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FSU defensive back recruit claps back at ignorant Florida fan

What’s understood doesn’t need to be shouted; #RealDBU

Israel Mukuamu
Student Sports-flickr

Florida State 2018 safety commit Israel Mukuamu noticed the impressive play of FSU’s freshmen DBs vs. Alabama this past weekend, particularly Hamsah Nasrildeen on a third down stop of Alabama’s Calvin Ridley:

Unfortunately, because Gator fans care far more about how their DBs do in the NFL than how their offense does on Saturdays, a UF fan felt the need to dare Mukuamu to name six current FSU defensive backs in the NFL:

Like the composed, future DBU member he is, Mukuamu promptly clapped back at the ignorant Gator fan:

With players like Xavier Rhodes and Jalen Ramsey leading the way, FSU DBs will continue to make noise in the NFL for a long time— and Derwin James isn’t even there yet.

The old adage goes “don’t come for me unless I send for you,” and Mukuamu certainly sent the Gator fan packing with some knowledge about what Florida State defensive backs do once they get in the league.

If Mukuamu is half as quick on the field as he is on twitter, FSU fans will be more than pleased with his play once he gets on campus.