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Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show updates/takeaways: Louisiana-Monroe Week

The rundown of Fisher’s second call-in show of the season

Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show

Week two of the season, week two of the Jimbo Fisher call-in show.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the bigger topics:

Hurricane Irma: Jimbo Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff mentioned the hurricane multiple times Wednesday, not only in discussion of the game switching from 7 p.m. to noon but by urging of people to follow safety precautions. Fisher discussed how the game moving up throws off the team’s schedule a bit, but they should be ready to play regardless.

James Blackman: For the second week in a row the true freshman was a topic of interest at the call-ins show, though this time was a little bit different seeing as Blackman’s set to start for the Seminoles on Saturday (say that five times fast.) Fisher commented on Blackman’s practice performance this week, saying that his day at practice Wednesday was “exceptional.”

Cam Akers: Florida State’s other notable true freshman was brought up a few times Wednesday, first in a question that asked if Jacques Patrick can move to fullback so that Akers can be on the field at the same time as him (Fisher informed the asker about the pony package), followed by one asking if Akers can live up to the hype (Fisher said yes, and that he thought he played extremely well against Alabama) and then finally, if he’s being considered for quarterback playing time (Fisher said no, but said that they might use Akers in different ways.)

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