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Inside the box score: FSU 88, GT 77

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Sophomore Josh Okogie had a career high 16 rebounds, including nine on offense. It was the third time in seven seasons that an FSU opponent grabbed at least nine offensive boards, and had been done previously by Marvin Bagley (Duke, 2017, 11), and Jabari Parker (Duke, 2014, 10). Okogie’s previous career high for rebounds was 14, set last year vs Florida State.
  2. Terance Mann scored a career high 30 points, and did it while only taking 13 shots. You have go back to Chris Singleton in 2010 to find a Seminole who scored 30 that efficiently (vs Gardner Webb on 11 shots). Mann made 10-12 FTs, and has now made 22 of his past 24, and is shooting 80% from the line in conference play.
  3. FSU made 27/41 (66%) 2s vs Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets entered the game with the 18th best defensive 2-pt% in the nation. After playing FSU, they are now 40th. Znole has been providing great situational box scores following recent games and using that data, Florida State attempted 27 2s at the rim, making 74% of those shots. For reference, 42% of FSU’s shots this season have come at the rim. It was obvious that Florida State’s gameplan was centered around attacking Georgia Tech at what they do best (defending the rim), as FSU passed up multiple open 3s in the game in order to attack the paint.
  4. Florida State had just six offensive rebounds (25%) in the game, which ties for the 4th worst game of the season. Offensive rebounding is the strength of the Seminoles offense, as only 12 of 351 Division 1 teams grab more of their own misses.
  5. FSU won 88-77 in a 72 possession game. It was the most scored per possession against Georgia Tech this season, and the FSU offense is now No. 2 in ACC play, trailing only Duke. It was the 8th straight conference game that FSU allowed an opponent to score at least a point per possession, a streak that has no precedent in the Ham era. That certainly doesn’t make this the worst defense on a Coach Hamilton team, it’s more just a combination of meh defense and weird luck. FSU’s defense is a pedestrian 48th nationally, and 11th in ACC play.