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FSU’s Taggart Choppers to see Kaiir Elam

Willie Taggart lands in style to see Kaiir Elam.

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Florida State football is known for their signature Tomahawk Chop tradition. During games, opposing teams are intimidated when Doak Campbell Stadium erupts in the Warchant. Doak’s chorus is accompanied by the Chop. The entire stadium moves in unison, with the degree of unison depending on how long the tailgate went.

You don’t see that sort of crowd excitement in Florida high school football very often. But my alma mater, The Benjamin School, had that chance this evening.

Florida State football coach Willie Taggart chopped his way in to Benjamin, in true Swag Copter style.

Taggart visited Benjamin to see 4 Star Cornerback recruit Kaiir Elam. A quarterback for Benjamin, Elam is a hotly pursued talent. Both head coach Willie Taggart and defensive coordinator Harlon Barnett visited the young talent.

The FSU football season may not have started with the success Florida State fans have come to expect of the Seminoles. But Taggart is executing well on the trail - and Helicopters are one way to fly ahead of the rest of the pack.