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Gameday Central: Florida State at Miami

Florida State is on the road to Miami. What could go wrong? Join us to watch and discuss the game.

Gameday Central

Florida State at Miami 3:30 PM ET

Watch: ABC/WatchESPN

Listen: ‘Nole Radio Network, Cane Radio Network

Weather: Going to be a sunny, hot, breezy day in Coral Gables. Heat index will be around 95 at kickoff, dropping to 87 by the end of the game. Partly cloudy skies, winds ENE at 15 mph.

The Spread: Welp, if you were thinking Vegas still needed some time to decide what to think of the ‘Noles, nope. Miami opened as a 12.5 point favorite and the line has increased to 14. Ouch. Check out the rest of your point spreads here.

Game Coverage: Nolecast Preview, Hidden History, Opponent Q&A, Francois Film, Staff Predictions

Florida State can’t cover spreads this year when favored, or outright loses. What does that mean for an injured, rebuilding team, on the road, to a Miami team under its second year with competent coaching? Well, it means there’s little chance FSU comes away with a win.

Florida State has owned the the stadium that Miami has to rent over the last decade. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence, or match-up, or any advanced stat that says FSU has a shot at continuing its South Florida streak.

That’s when you’ve got to point to the intangibles. Let’s list them:

  • It’s a rivalry so records and stats mean NOTHING (right?).
  • Mark Richt coached teams inexplicably lose to bad teams sometimes (Florida State is a bad team).
  • All the pressure is on Miami not to blow this.
  • Miami ditched a QB for a true freshman so maybe the locker room is completely divided and everyone hates everyone (I mean, it’s a possibility).
  • Florida State’s turnover luck will magically turn around because it has to. Ok maybe that’s kind of a stat, all except the part about Lady Luck wanting the ‘Noles to fail forever EXCEPT IN SOUTH FLORIDA.
  • UM calls itself ‘The U’ which makes absolutely no sense because there’s like 100 other schools that are ‘The University of (INSERT CITY OR STATE OR WHATEVER HERE)’.
  • Seriously, it’s not special enough to be called The U. Yeah, I’m still on this. It is ranked as the 64th best private school on this random website. I guess, smart of Miami fans not to waste their money by going to school there.
  • The turnover chain cost $100K which should have been used to buy a few extra feet for the ‘Canes’ crap 12 field indoor practice facility.

Really, when you see the intangibles listed like this, it’s a simple call. NOLES BY 30!

Florida State at Miami Game Thread

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

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