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Starting Quarterback named for Florida State against Notre Dame

FSU’s QB conundrum has come to a conclusion.

NCAA Football: Florida State at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

A back and forth battle in practice this week allowed Deondre Francois to reclaim the starting quarterback position after James Blackman impressed against NC State. Sources say that Blackman has a few nice days of practice but Francois was better on the week giving him the nod.

Willie Taggart has always stated that whomever practices better will be the one that plays so going by that logic it’s no surprise that Deondre Francois got the nod. Deondre didn’t practice last week so he didn’t play vs. North Carolina State; it could be as simple as that.

It’ll be a tough task for Francois as Notre Dame’s ferocious top-5 defense led by its defensive line will be ready to tee off on FSU’s overmatched offensive line.

It should be a comfort for FSU fans that such a capable back-up, like James Blackman, is available should they need it because based on what we’ve seen from FSU’s offensive line & ND’s defensive line this year; they just might need him.